Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The title isn’t simply referring to The Clash’s song, but it’s a question that kept bugging me every time I look at this blog. I know that you’ve been waiting for the news of what’s going to happen to this blog and I won’t make you wait any longer.

Three months ago, I decided to start a personal blog—by removing all the Poptropica content on this blog. Although, few people from the community who cared so much for this blog told me to keep it and make it as it is while making personal blog posts. Thanks to those people who really care, so I decided not to let this go and the Poptropica content would still stay here. Yeah, it’s real awesome!

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Community Celebrities: HPuterpop


Hey, guys! Welcome to another Community Celebrities post! In case you’re new, Community Celebrities is a series in this blog, where we feature different people from the community and get to know them more! You can check out past celebrities here.

For this month, we’re going to meet one of the masterminds behind Orb Legend, a good friend of mine and one of the authors of the PHB— HPuterpop! With no further ado, let’s begin! 🙂

  • HP considers Ghost Story Island as one of Poptropica’s best islands. He is impressed by its amazing quality when it comes to the story, art, and atmosphere.


  • On the other hand, the worst island, according to him, is Galactic Hot Dogs Island because of its scattered story, low-quality art,  and little redeeming qualities.
  • Of all the infamous Poptropica villains, his favorites are Myron Van Buren (like BT!) because of his amazing appearance; but as far as the story goes, his other favorite villain is  Mordred/Binary Bard. “His character arc was ‘tactfully’ put together and ‘well expanded’ in Super Villain Island,” according to him.
  •  HP made “Poptropica Journals” before he came to the PHB around 2008. These journals included some fake posts. Years later, he was accepted to the PHB team.
  • He is always known for creating fanon islands and make sure to check out his island ideas in Orb Legend!
  • Another thing HP is known for is his signature catchphrase whenever he posts. It always starts with ‘Hi Gs‘— which means girls and guys— and ends with ‘TAFN‘— that’s all for now. 🙂bigblue
  • Everyone has their own favorite item in Poptropica, and wonder what HP’s pick is! His favorite Store item is the Big Blue, a members-only item for the release of Zomberry Island. He admired it for its amazing character design, animation, and application in Zomberry Island.
  •  Did you also know that HP is one big fan of RPGs? For him, Undertale is filled with quirky humor, a great storyline, great characters, and even music! Undertale, along with Earthbound,  are Orb Legend’s major inspirations.
  • We’ve been talking about Orb Legend a lot of times in this post. What’s Orb Legend? Well, for HP’s definition, it’s a ‘collection of many creative people’s works‘ all combined to form one explosive RPG coming soon!


  • If he was to recommend the next celebrity, it would be Nice Hawk of Poptrickia; he is an amazing blogger and another big community member!

Now for a special moment, here are 2 more and spoiler-free facts about Meridian/Messy Sinker from HPuterpop himself!hp

  •  ” He is a cartographer, meaning that he makes maps. That’s part of the reason for his success as an explorer on Poptropica.”
  • Meridian’s odd skin color is not a rad tan – it’s his natural pigmentation!”

Oh cool! Now we’ve known a lot of new information on HP’s Popsona! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did with Andrew and I’m really sorry for doing this so late because I was sick the past few days and was very busy on our projects.

As what HPuterpop would say, “That’s all for now!” Thank you, HP. Did you like our Community Celebrity? Don’t forget to leave a comment down below!

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Stolen Snapshot Surprise!

2 by icons-torn

Hey, guys! Slip here. Quick update!

I’m sorry if I didn’t update the Stolen Snapshots last Saturday, I was busy with school. I’m here to announce the Stolen Snapshot Surprise— a special event to celebrate Stolen Snapshots 2.0!


Here’s the news. This event will feature not one, but six stolen snapshots! If you can answer all correctly, you will be featured on the sidebar as our Hall of Famer and instantly get the Hall of Famer title!

I must say, the snapshots are pretty hard. Hope you’ll do great!


EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can you guess where the photos in the header are from?

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Community Celebrities: Giant Hawk & Yellow Sword!


Happy New Year! Slip here.

We have new celebrities from our community! In case you don’t know it yet, Community Celebrities is the newest segment in this blog where we feature different people from our community from time to time! We had the Mad Apper last time.

To kick off the new year, we don’t have one, but two new community celebrities! They’re both of my friends and co-authors on the PHB. In case you don’t know, they’re twins. 😉   Without any further ado, here’s Yellow Sword and Giant Hawk!


(For the first 8 questions, these are their real responses. Paul (Yellow Sword) is orange, while Joshua (Giant Hawk) is green.)

  • What’s your Poptropica username? How did you end up with that name?

P: My username on Poptropica is paultropica6. It’s fairly straight forward, frankly. I combined my name (Paul) with the game’s name (Poptropica) and then added my favorite number (6).

J: My Poptropican username is Joshuawesome8. Obviously, I got it by taking my first name, Joshua, adding the word ‘awesome’ to it, and then including my favorite one digit number, 8. I must note, however, that I regret my choice of username, as I now prefer not having numbers in my online names. That, and I feel adding ‘awesome’ to it seems a bit conceited.

  • How long have you been playing Poptropica? What kept you playing for years?

P: I began playing Poptropica back in early 2011. So, just about 5 years now. I think multiple things have kept me playing for such a long time. For one, I really enjoy the game. The storytelling is well done, as well as the gameplay. But, the main reason, for me, is the community. Even through times when I wouldn’t play for a while, I’d always come back to the community. My love for the community has continued to grow thanks to the PHB/Wiki partnership and I feel closer than ever to it.

J: My Poptropican journey began one fateful Thursday afternoon back in 2011. I love the characters and inventive stories of Poptropica, but I would also credit the PHB and the Poptropica community for keeping me playing.

  • What’s your favorite island? Why?

P: My favorite island is Mocktropica. The main reason behind my love is the meta-ness. I absolutely love when different forms of media (game, film, tv show, anything really) break the fourth wall. It opens up a world of fun for story and jokes. Poptropica plays the meta really well, making a fun to play island, full of jokes and glitches (both intentional and unintentional)

J: My personal favorite island is Mystery Train, with Steamworks as an exceptionally close second. They both have very distinct themes and designs that are unique from any other islands on Poptropica. Their characters are also very funny and extremely memorable. However, one of the biggest reasons I love them is for their mystery. Both islands have an genuine, intriguing sense of secrecy and adventure. Because of this, they are both tremendously replayable, as a player can easily discover new clues and secrets about the islands and their stories upon restarting them.

  • Who is your all-time favorite Poptropica villain? Why?

P: This is honestly a tough question. There’s a lot of good villains on Poptropica. I really love a lot of the newer villains, like Omegon. But El Mustachio is probably my favorite. I just really enjoy his character and design. He’s just a cool character in general.

J: Must I really choose just one? Well, I suppose my favorite Poptropican villain is Dr. Hare. Why? Because he’s iconic – and whenever you look at him, you undoubtedly think of Poptropica. Not only that, but the way 24 Carrot builds him up makes us believe him to be a formidable threat, which is not easy to do for a man in a pink bunny suit. Not only that, but he manages to become endlessly memorable despite only physically appearing on 24 Carrot for a few seconds. That truly is the work of a great villain.

  • What would be your favorite item on the Store? Why? 

P: Hmm. This is a tricky one. I think I’m gonna go with the Atom Power. I remember using it a lot on common rooms and multiverses. It’s really well designed and executed, and really fun to use.

J: As for costumes, I’d probably go with Wolf Boy or Shy Hawk Warrior, because they’re both really cool looking. As for gold cards, I’d probably say the Electrify card. Why? Because it fits perfectly with my Poptropican’s superhero alter ego, the Red-Tailed Hawk, who has the powers of flight and control over electricity. (subtle GHA reference, maybe?)

  • How did you get to know the Poptropica community?

P: I really got to know the community through Poptropica Wiki. I joined there not too long after joining on Poptropica and edited frequently. The true community integration took place after I became an admin there. I soon grew in rank and eventually moved over to the PHB. I’ve really gotten to know the PHB community a lot more know, but it all begin with the Wiki.

J: It all started with my overbounding love of Poptropica after I first started playing it. I wanted to share it with other players, so I discovered the Poptropica Wiki. And while that was the first section of the Poptropica community I got to know, it never really was a big section of the community. It wasn’t until years later, after Paul became an author on the PHB, that I starting forming myself more into the mass of the Poptropica community via Twitter, DeviantArt, the PHB, etc.

  • Do you play any games aside from Poptropica? What is it?

P: Oh, man. I really don’t. 😛 I used to play Club Penguin, but not really anymore. I occasionally play some app games like Angry Birds or Where’s My Perry, but not too often. Poptropica is pretty much the only game I play.

J: Nope. My family doesn’t own any game consoles, i.e an XBox or PlayStation. I play Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart sometimes while visiting friends, but playing them is still a rare occurrence. Occasionally, I play Where’s my Perry or Angry Birds on a tablet, but other than that, I am not really a gamer, other than when it comes to Poptropica.


  • Paul likes to edit (both photo and video), work on the PHN and—wait for it—your meme faces! Joshua likes to write, act and voice over, too! As twins, they sometimes make short videos of them twins and they give time for each other to walk around the neighborhood and talk about everything.
  • They’d both love to work for Poptropica someday. Paul would probably see himself on stories and graphics while Joshua also wants to be in the story department or if ever, the animated media department.
  • They were both excited when they knew they’re going to be the next Community Celebrity and they wanted this when I first released the series. They take it as a privilege and would reflect on how much they grew around Poptropica.
  • Paul and Joshua listen to parodies Weird Al Yankovic, Rhett and Link, and Epic Rap Battles of History. Paul also listens to Owl City and Joshua to Phineas and Ferb and Steven Universe songs.


  • Here’s a special question from a close friend: HPuterpop!
    How often do you two get confused for each other?

    P: In real life, we almost always get confused by people that we’ve just met or don’t know us very well. Once people get to know us, there’s nothing to confuse. People IRL usually just remember our two names and the fact that we’re twins. The term “twins” usually bunches together into one memory. People remember us together, instead of separately. So then, when they try to remember our names it’s trickier to distinguish us separately, even though we look almost nothing alike. Once people get to know us better, they know more about our different personalities and form separate images of us. Then, they can easily distinguish us. Infact, on the occasions that we meet people and don’t tell them about our twin-dom, they usually can easily distinguish us later on.

    On the internet, it’s much different. People don’t clump us together, because our different personalities stand out much more. When we meet people IRL, we don’t usually have a more personality driven conversation, but we do online. Once you’ve distinguished personalities between us, it’s very easy to remember us separately.

    So, yeh. It happens quite a bit offline, but not really too much online.

    J: The classic twin question, eh? Well, Paul and I are very much fraternal twins, meaning that we look very different. In fact, Paul is actually closer in appearance to our younger brother than he is to me. The tragic thing is, however, that most of the time, people usually start mixing up Paul and my names after learning that we are twins. I mean, we don’t look alike, and we have significantly different personalities, but they still confuse us for one another! It’s really silly when you think about it. Of course, this doesn’t happen to people once they get to know us better, but it still does happen.

  • Here’s another question from Spotted Dragon!
    Is it weird to be texting each other online when you’re in the same room?

    P: Simply put, yes and no. On one hand, it is kinda odd, being that we could just talk to each other. On the other hand, it’s basically the same as texting while not in the same room. This, with the added bonus of occasionally looking over at each other during jokes or hearing the laughs from Joshua. So, it’s pretty weird, but almost feels normal at the same time.

    J: Not really, actually. It gives me the distinct pleasure of seeing Paul’s laughs and reactions first hand, while also letting us communicate quickly without the risk of attracting unwanted attention. Besides, Paul and I do not possess our own cell phones, so the only time we text each other is when we’re in a Google hangout with each other.

  • If they’re going to recommend the next Community Celebrity, Paul and Joshua would pick the PHB Authors and some friends from the community (Nice Hawk, Pixel, Popular Wolf, Dangerous Eye, Mighty Gamer and Master Pinpey).
  • Here are the two facts personally from the King of Memes and the Giant Adventurer!

    Joshua: I want to mention that the GHA may, at first glance, seem like an episodic adventure series, but it goes much deeper than that. The main theme of the series is that of a journey, and not an adventure’s journey, but rather, the journey of life. The main character, Giant Hawk, will start out eager and young, and will grow much more mature and responsible as the series progresses. He’ll have to handle schemes and villains, sure. But he will also be dealing with the struggles of friendships, depression, self-acceptance, and loss, all while being practically thrust into the metaphorical spotlight. Giant Hawk’s inner struggles and insecurities will all intensify until the series finale, entitled ‘The Final Adventure’, in which Giant Hawk must finally decide where it is that he truly belongs in the world, while also having to clash against a malicious villain that he unknowingly created. If any of that sounds interesting, you can check out the GHA prequel short, ‘An Afternoon at Queequegs’, which is on the PHB right now!

    Paul: I’ve been deemed “the meme king” in the Poptropican community. It all started back when Andrew (HPuterpop) had a fan art contest on the PHB. As a joke, I took a meme face (called “Me Gusta”) and edited it (via Photoshop) onto his Poptropican’s face. It sadly didn’t win, but gained quite a bit of attention from different users. Inspired by his contest, I created my own giving out Poptropican meme faces as prizes. Once again, more people were loving these meme faces. Just after the contest, I decided to create these into their own weekly series (similar to the Poptropican Portraits series), naming it Poptropican Meme Face Mondays (PMFM). I’m loving the series so far. The meme faces are super fun to create and I love the community feedback. I’ve got some super awesome stuff planned for the future of PMFM, so be sure to tune in every Monday for your weekly dosage of meme-ery.


And that ends our Q&A/interview with the famous twins on Poptropica! I hope you learned a lot from them and knew them more! Thanks to Yellow Sword and Giant Hawk for letting me interview them and stay awesome!

Who do you think should be next? Comment below!

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Slippery’s Update!


Hey, guys! Slip here.


I know you’ve been waiting for a new post here at the blog and I guess, today is your lucky day! I’ve got a lot of updates to talk about so, let’s start!

First of all, Happy 2nd anniversary to this blog! (Thanks to UiPE and HPuterpop for the graphics!)

I just want to say “Thank you” to everyone who helped me reach this dream of mine. We’ve gone so far and I couldn’t have made it without you guys. It’s really amazing how everything changed and it’s been two years! How amazing was that? Even though I have moved to the PHB when it comes to updates and stuff, I know that this blog will have a special place in my heart. So, thank you again! 🙂


Next, I have another update! I know the last post was around a month ago and I was quite busy the past few weeks (due to school) but I’m glad to announce that there will be a new Community Celebrity next week! A way to kick off a new year is to have not one—but two Community Celebrities! Here’s a sneak peek. 🙂




Last but never the least, there’s something new coming to Stolen Snapshots. If you have noticed, the game will take a short hiatus. (It’s only a week!) I’m preparing it for something very big: the Stolen Snapshot Surprise! Get hyped! It will begin next week and here’s another sneak peek:

2 by icons-torn

I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to leave a comment! I’ll be back with more news next time! 🙂


-Slippery 💦