New Books and Nice Portrait!

Well, hey guys! SR here. Sorry for the way too long time that I haven’t been posting here. Here’s why. Well, we had our quarterly examinations (I got high scores!). Um, that’s just out of topic. Guess what! My  friend, HPuterpop, drew my poptropican! Thank you so much! Take a look: mypopguy

And as you’ve read on the post’s title, NEW BOOKS! Yep, new books brought to you by Poptropica! Here’s what they said

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of two more books in our Poptopics series. These books explore the real-world facts that inspired some of your favorite Poptropica Islands. The truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction!

Scary Monsters gives you the low down on the myths and legends behind the creatures you’ve encountered in your adventures on Cryptids Island, Vampire’s Curse Island, Zomberry Island, and more. All of these monsters have a basis in fact — and we’ll reveal them to you!

Wild West is all about the amazing true history of the American frontier. Find out what parts of Wild West Island are made up, and which are based on fact. You might be surprised to learn which is which! Both of these books will be released on February 20, and are available for pre-order now from Amazon.

Well, that looks pretty cool! These books are out on Feb. 20. So if you want to complete your Poptropica book collection, you may pre-order from Amazon! Yeah! 🙂 And also, February is just on the block! So, Valentines Day is approaching! Also, I’m coming up with a new plan. Here comes..

something new
Coming Soon!

Monsters and Mysteries: Welcomes the Monster Carnival Island page!

Weight Lifter Avatar Monster Carnival Island
This gal says, “OH YEAH”!

It is time to uncover new details about the most monstrous yet mysterious island in Poptropica! So now let us look at new sneak peeks in the Poptropica’s Monster Carnival Island Page!

Well, starting off, what will we expect in this island? Here’s what the Creators say about that.

In the dead of night, a caravan rumbles into town. The traveling carnival has returned! But this is no day at the park. Behind the lights and the laughter, the carnival harbors a dark secret. Buy a ticket if you dare, but beware — once you enter, you may never be able to escape the Monster Carnival!

Wait, travelling circus? Okay. :/ And, Ooh. It’s gonna be fun! (also creepy though.)

Now, one of the things that we’ve all been waiting for, the screenshots of the rooms! Here they are:

Monster Carnival Island Game Play #1
Creepiness alert. BOOM.
Monster Carnival Island Game Play #2
Honest G’ABE’! Haha. Funny.
Monster Carnival Island Game Play #3
Forests, Beautiful at day, Scary at Night. 😀
Monster Carnival Island Game Play #4
The face on the wheel really creeps me out.
Monster Carnival Island Game Play #5
I love i scream? Whaaaat?!

(All of the captions on the pictures are made by me not by Poptropica.)

Also, the Creators left us some goodies for MCI!

Wait. Does the wheel changes itself at night? Oh no. Oh no.

And the poster: (Is that a raven?)


And also, if you’re a member, you can play the bonus quest! (I’m not.)

Monster Carnival Island Bonus Quest image

Here’s what it says:

The town is safe, but now a prominent citizen is missing. Has the monster carnival claimed another victim, or is something else behind his disappearance?

Who could that victim be? And who is behind this disappearance?

Also, members can get these!

Monster Carnival Island Members Only Items and Cards

from left to right: Ringmaster costume, Raven Swarm power, and Hypno-Powder!

Lastly, there will be a new player map. Here it is. Super cool!

Click to View the Monster Carnival Player Map

It looks like this island is just getting awesome more and more. So, I can’t really wait! 😀

It feels like, it’s more than what meets the eyes. 😀 This island is cool the coolest yet the best of 2014! :))

-Slippery, Out!


Mocktropica, Monsters and Music!

Hey Guys! Listen to Mocktropica and maybe MCI’s music in the game!

In Mocktropica, we have the Night and MFB’s theme!

And I think this is somewhat related to Monster Carnival. :/

Source: Jeff Heim’s soundcloud page. 😀 Thanks Mr. Heim! Your creations are so cool! Specially the Underverse! 😀

So, now I’ll be listening to tunes and you listen to these Poptropica tracks!

Sneaky Spoilers and Sweet Sceneries.

Hey Guys!

I found these Daily Pop sneak peeks that could relate to MCI (Short for Monster Carnival Island). Well then, let me showcase to you the peeks!

In an unrelated side of Poptropica, the Creators unleashed more Mocktropica secrets! A first look to the creations of islands and prototypes of Poptropica!


Although, I’m not a member so I will be posting screenshots from other members. 🙂

Here is the description and a screenshot of the Poptropica Labs:

We’ve got a cool new feature to announce. We were playing around with a prototype for user-created Islands and found ourselves wondering what direction to go in.

Then we thought: who would know better than Poptropica players? That’s why we’ve just made available our first-ever Poptropica Labs project, exclusively to Poptropica Members!

This is a prototype that will let you play around with some basic tools to create your own scene in Poptropica. You can explore randomly generated scenery, place objects, and morph the landscape. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find things to do that we never even thought of.

To access it, log into your Poptropica account and click on the Poptropica Labs slide on the welcome back page.

Play around. Place scenery. Look for gold. Explore different islands. See what you can come up with. When you’re done, you can save a screenshot of your scene — and since we want to see what you’re doing, too, it’ll also send the screenshot to us!

When you leave the Poptropica Labs demo, you’ll also have a chance to take a survey. We would very much appreciate your time in filling out the survey and helping us figure out the future of this project.

We’re excited to see what you come up with!”
And a screenshot from the PopLabs:

We may see some of your ideas soon!
We may see some of your ideas soon!

Also, I’m putting up a poll!

It will be updated every week.

Here’s for this week!

-Slippery Out!