Creepies and Carnivals!

Oh Yes! Oh Yes! The newest Poptropica island is finally announced and revealed! Ladies and gentlePoptropicans! Welcome to Poptropica’s latest island! Monster Carnival! This island has been the BIGGEST –Yes! It’s true!– mystery of Poptropica ever! Small flashback! It was supposed to be released last 2008 (It was 5 years now!) before 24 Carrot Island is released. But then out of nowhere, 24 Carrot Island replaced this island and then, it became a mystery for a long, long time. Voila! The island is coming to us this February 2014 for members and approximately March 2014 for non-members!

Also, this is the proof of the island’s first appearance on the game! (Thanks for the Poptropica Wiki for letting me use this pic!)

Monster carnival
Sorry for the size!

Yeah! I expect great things in this island! *time travels* Oh Yeah! This is cool! Haha. I’m just kidding. πŸ™‚

Look at the island’s teaser trailer!


Lastly, these are the ideas of the island from Captain Crawfish’s notebook. πŸ˜€



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