Hey! I’m Slippery Raptor!

Hi! I’m Slippery Raptor! I want some warm hugs! No, I’m not Olaf from Frozen. Well, I’m a thirteen year-old Poptropica player and I’m here to serve you the latest updates on Poptropica in my coolest way ever! Please feel free to browse and scroll on to my website! I’m just new here, though. I promise! I’ll give my best posting the updates!

At Poptropica's HQ.

Well, my new post will be up soon!

Also, I came from the Pathfinders tribe! There are more tribes to see! This one is so cool!

Pathfinders Tribe

Slippery, Out!


One thought on “Hey! I’m Slippery Raptor!

  1. I just scrolled through to find this πŸ˜› I was hoping to see your username? 😦 Oh well, I didn’t even know your blog had been open this long, it’s come a long way!

    Slippery: It’s “gabz1113”.

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