Too Much T’s! : Ten x 6++, Ten + 5, Trailers, Time Travel, & The “Costumizer”!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! -Slippery
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! -Slippery

First of all, we’ve reached 62 hits! Yay! I know that isn’t so many but it is a milestone for me. We’ve passed half of 100 and I look forward having 100 hits! Thank you so much! I can never thank you all enough viewing my blog. 😀 (That’s what Ten x 6++ stands for! 62!)

Second in the post title, (we’re going to follow the sequence of the titles) Ten + 5! So, can you guess what it means? It means this is our fifteenth post! Yeah! So, scroll down the lane of archived posts and go for a flashback of all the posts!

Third goes for trailers. So as you may have heard and seen at the PopCreators’ blog, the official MCI trailer has been released! No, it’s not the first one, that’s the teaser trailer.

Here what the Bash Black Widow said in the post:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It’s the Monster Carnival launch trailer!

Monster Carnival is here, and so is the launch trailer! Here’s another look at our newest Island. Feel the chill go up your spine!
Early Access to Monster Carnival is now available to Poptropica Members! Become a Member today to play Monster Carnival.
It was a great trailer, a great island but not so appealing or should I say, not what we expect it would be.
Onwards, the fourth is… Time Travel! Well, Mr. Peabody and Sherman has made an advertisement spot in Poptropica and here’s what it looks like!
Inside you’ll meet Mr. Peabody, the “so-called”: “World’s Smartest Dog”.
And then you’ll meet Sherman, the adoptive son of Mr. Peabody.
And the advertisement building is divided into different parts. The left is where the costumes are, the near right is for the prizes and the far right is the WABAC (pronounced as ‘Wayback’) Nice pun Dreamworks!
The costumes are Peabody with a toga costume (Greek one) and Sherman dressed as a Roman warrior outfit.
At the prizes section, there are two prizes. These are the Scooter Power and the Zumba Power!
mrpeabodyandsherman6 mrpeabodyandsherman7 mrpeabodyandsherman8 mrpeabodyandsherman12 mrpeabodyandsherman13
And lastly. the WABAC Machine which shows an exclusive clip from the movie.
mrpeabodyandsherman10 mrpeabodyandsherman11
Last but not the least, the Costumizer is now available in all of the SUI/Updated Islands! Here’s what it looks like:
Upon clicking the costumizer button, all customizable Poptropicans will be highlighted!
The costumizer now looks like this and has two options: the traditional way or the new specific item-picking way.
costumizer2 costumizer3 costumizer4
And that’s all with our MILESTONE Special! Thank you so much guys and I’m going to replay islands now! Bye!

Monster Carnivals and Much Creepy!


Step right up! Something new is here! Yep, I think you just knew it!


Awww. Oh well. And when you go to Poptropica, you’ll spot this caravan strolling with the usual poptropicans running on the homepage.


Onwards to the show, all the member freebies are released now!

These are the Raven Swarm, the Hypno-Powder, and the Ringmaster Costume!  say “OOH!” *The crowds says “OOH!”,

Here’s what they do:

Ringmaster Costume:

This outfit comes in three colors: red, white, and purple. You can mix and match the colors if you’d like!

Hypno-Powder: With the Hypno-Powder, you can hypnotize anyone you see with just a press of the spacebar. We trust you won’t do anything irresponsible with this new ability.

Raven Swarm:

This Members-only card will allow you to call a swarm of birds at will!

Let’s move our attention now to the juggling juggly juggler Capt. Carnival Crawfish!

He said:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Early Access to Monster Carnival is now available to Poptropica Members!

It’s the event six years in the making: Early Access to Monster Carnival is now available!
If you’re a Poptropica Member, visit Poptropica now to play Monster Carnival in its entirety.
If you’re not a Member, you can play a limited demo of Monster Carnival — or get Membership today so that you can play the Island that Poptropicans have been waiting for!
That’s not all. Follow along in real time as Poptropicans finish Monster Carnival by checking our Monster Carnival live map! See everywhere in the world that people are playing Monster Carnival.

Oh, and one more thing. Today, the “Raven Swarm” power has also been added to the Poptropica Store. This Members-only card will allow you to call a swarm of birds at will!
Well, don’t waste any more precious time reading blog posts. Visit Poptropica to play Monster Carnival!

Yep. I may say, it was a long time planned island and I can’t really wait for it to be released for us, nonmembers!

As Captain Carnival Crawfish said, don’t waste reading this post! Head to Poptropica to play Monster Carnival!

Before the curtain calls, if you want to look at the guide for Monster Carnival Island, head also to! It was written by Samwow5 and HPuterpop! Cool! Let’s play MCI now! Ringmaster Raven awaits!

Before we end, the post title, our head ringmaster, hypnotized me to do this. 😀


Mwahahaha! Savor yourself with the free cotton candy outside the tent! Thank you! Have a MWAHAHAHA great day!


This wheel maybe fun, It gets creepy when the sun goes down. :/
This wheel maybe fun, It gets creepy when the sun goes down. :/


Early Access and Eerie Announcements!

Hey Guys! Slippery here. Well, guess what has just been announced? Well, there was an eerie announcement at the blog last few days. Here’s what Captain Crawfish said:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On the run

Sometimes we talk to people who imagine it must be great fun to work at Poptropica. Well, they’re right, but there is a downside: like having to spend hours getting chased around a carnival by creepy monsters! And you thought gym class was stressful.
You, too, will be able to face the Monster Carnival before you know it. We’ll have more Monster Carnival news to announce very soon!

Well, the last line gave a sign. Well, after that, Monster Carnival Island is announced to be released next week! Yeah! *envys on members* I want to play! :/

Friday, February 14, 2014

Monster Carnival is coming next week!

We know it’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to announce that Early Access to Monster Carnival will be available to Poptropica Members next week! We’ve worked long and hard on this one, and we hope you enjoy it.
Keep an eye right here to find out exactly when you can play Monster Carnival. In the meantime, don’t miss out on your Monster Carnival Ringmaster costume!
Very happy that Monster Carnival Island will now be OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED after a long wait. I hope non-members get a demo. That would be fun! Yay! So, let’s wait till Thursday comes!
-SR, out.
Our first ever island review has been released last valentines! Here’s the link:

Frozen Ideas and Freaky Island concepts!

Hey guys! 2 consecutive posts this day! Okay! There are new sneak peeks in the Daily Pop today. Here it is!

What will be the new island after MCI will be like? Is it a Frozen-themed island? Is it an Himalayan expedition? Or is it like an island where snow wizard lurks in the mountains and must confront him because he froze the people of a nearby town? As I said, it is more than what it meets the eyes. The other pictures show a Wilderness Island? Hmmm. Very interesting! 🙂 It seems like that the third photo is a part of SOS Island? Is it? :/

Island Reviews is coming soon!

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