PopShops and Price Discount!

First news, there has been a new merch added to the Poptropica Shop! Yes!

Well, winter hoodies are now added in the Poptropica Merchandise! And also, Black Widow grabbed this opportunity to promote her(self) dark-edgy looks. Haha! Visit the Poptropica Shop right here.


Here’s what Black Widow said:

It’s beginning to feel like the winter is never going to end. So cold! Fortunately, nothing warms me up better than a toasty sweatshirt with my gorgeous face printed on it.

You, too, can get some cold-weather gear with your face on it (or warm-weather gear, if you’re in the southern hemisphere!). Just visit the Poptropica Shop and enter your username to look at a variety of shirts customized with your Poptropican avatar and display name.

With personalized Poptropica apparel, nobody will look as good as you do — just like in the game!

avatar image

In another news, Poptropica’s app called Forgotten Islands is now only 0.99 cents! First, it was only $4.99 but now, the creators reduced the price to $0.99!

And here’s the game trailer, and what Capt. Crawfish said!

A great deal just got even better. Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is now only 99 cents!

That’s hours of gameplay, loads of new Islands to explore, and hundreds of unique costumes to wear — all for less than a buck! You just can’t beat that value.

Get Poptropica: Forgotten Islands in the App Store for your iPhone or iPad today!

avatar image

Also, February has landed so, the Island Reviews is coming soon!

something new

SR, out.



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