Too Much T’s! : Ten x 6++, Ten + 5, Trailers, Time Travel, & The “Costumizer”!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! -Slippery
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! -Slippery

First of all, we’ve reached 62 hits! Yay! I know that isn’t so many but it is a milestone for me. We’ve passed half of 100 and I look forward having 100 hits! Thank you so much! I can never thank you all enough viewing my blog. 😀 (That’s what Ten x 6++ stands for! 62!)

Second in the post title, (we’re going to follow the sequence of the titles) Ten + 5! So, can you guess what it means? It means this is our fifteenth post! Yeah! So, scroll down the lane of archived posts and go for a flashback of all the posts!

Third goes for trailers. So as you may have heard and seen at the PopCreators’ blog, the official MCI trailer has been released! No, it’s not the first one, that’s the teaser trailer.

Here what the Bash Black Widow said in the post:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It’s the Monster Carnival launch trailer!

Monster Carnival is here, and so is the launch trailer! Here’s another look at our newest Island. Feel the chill go up your spine!
Early Access to Monster Carnival is now available to Poptropica Members! Become a Member today to play Monster Carnival.
It was a great trailer, a great island but not so appealing or should I say, not what we expect it would be.
Onwards, the fourth is… Time Travel! Well, Mr. Peabody and Sherman has made an advertisement spot in Poptropica and here’s what it looks like!
Inside you’ll meet Mr. Peabody, the “so-called”: “World’s Smartest Dog”.
And then you’ll meet Sherman, the adoptive son of Mr. Peabody.
And the advertisement building is divided into different parts. The left is where the costumes are, the near right is for the prizes and the far right is the WABAC (pronounced as ‘Wayback’) Nice pun Dreamworks!
The costumes are Peabody with a toga costume (Greek one) and Sherman dressed as a Roman warrior outfit.
At the prizes section, there are two prizes. These are the Scooter Power and the Zumba Power!
mrpeabodyandsherman6 mrpeabodyandsherman7 mrpeabodyandsherman8 mrpeabodyandsherman12 mrpeabodyandsherman13
And lastly. the WABAC Machine which shows an exclusive clip from the movie.
mrpeabodyandsherman10 mrpeabodyandsherman11
Last but not the least, the Costumizer is now available in all of the SUI/Updated Islands! Here’s what it looks like:
Upon clicking the costumizer button, all customizable Poptropicans will be highlighted!
The costumizer now looks like this and has two options: the traditional way or the new specific item-picking way.
costumizer2 costumizer3 costumizer4
And that’s all with our MILESTONE Special! Thank you so much guys and I’m going to replay islands now! Bye!

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