Survival Island & Something New?!

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Hey guys! Well, as you may know, we have a new island! Yay! Do you know what it is?

It’s….. Survival Island!


Yep. It’s Survival alright! But here’s the catch. Something new is going to change Poptropica’s 38th and 39th Island! Guess what? Islands from now on will be divided into episodes and will be released as time goes by! Well here’s what Survival Island has in store for us.

Episode 1: Crash Landing –
Night has fallen and the temperature is dropping. Alone in the forests of the Yukon, you must find a way to build a fire — but time is running out.

Wait a second. The time in the story is night, we have to build a fire! So, Yukon will be the setting of the story. As said in Wikipedia,

Yukon[3]/ˈjuːkɒn/ is the westernmost and smallest of Canada‘s three federal territories.

Yukon ————–> Canada —————-> Cold Place

Great venue, Creators!

Here’s Ep. 2- release date unknown.

Episode 2: Hook, Line and Sinker
With no help in sight, your hunger threatens to overtake you. Can you catch your next meal under the ice — or will you become fish food?

And episode 3 is also currently unknown and labeled as “Coming Soon!”

Here’s the island wallpaper! (Is that a woodpecker? and two mice warming each other! Awww.)


Here’s the printable poster! Is that a bbbbbb…..bbbbeeeeaaaaarrrr?


And here are sneak peeks!

Survival Game Play #1Survival Game Play #2Survival Game Play #3Survival Game Play #4Survival Avatar

And here’s the first part of the member survival pack! Here’s the Wind Power!


And lastly on the Survival Island Tour page, the live map!

Click to View the Survival Player Map

And it now appears on the Poptropica Map! Here it is!


And a milestone for Poptropica is that they’re going to release a Poptropica game app in the App Store for iPad! Really cool! Here’s the features!

It includes two of the SUIs (Sound-Updated Islands) such as 24 Carrot and Time Tangled! (I thought Virus Hunter or Mocktropica!) but Black Widow said that soon we’ll be able to download new islands such as Survival! Oh. Great! But the best part is we get to play Poptropica in our tablets! So cool!

And lastly, thanks to HPuterpop where he lead me to Poptropica’s files, we’ve uncovered the next island! It’s Deep Dive! Just like Survival, it is also divided into three parts as a part of the new island-system. And he also uncovered a music from the new island! You can view it here.

P.S. HP! If you’re reading this, I would like to say that I watched your livestream and it was totally cool! And if you’re not reading this, well, it’s just fine!

And I’d like to give a shoutout to the whole PHB team because I was inspired to do this blogging because of you guys! I started viewing your site from 2010, I guess so. And hi Fishy! 😀


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