Announcements & Atlantis!

Hey guys! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! They just have announced the newest Poptropica island! Can you guess what it is? It’s MISSION ATLANTIS! missionatlantis2 Just to clear this though, this is the so-called Deep Dive. It turned out to be Mission: Atlantis! Here’s the news. The island page is not yet released but the trailer has now been released. Check it out!

Here is the plot of the story as seen from the blog.

It’s an undersea adventure that will take you to the strangest place on earth: the bottom of the ocean. What you’ll find there is beyond anything you can imagine.

I would say that this is very exciting. Also, Captain Crawfish also mentioned something. The first episode of Mission: Atlantis is called “Into the Deep”. Have you seen in the video, strange lights appear at the end!


Also, I have noticed that both Survival and Mission: Atlantis’s trailer involves electricity.




The Poptropican is shocked by a jellyfish, which can produce electricity and disabled the power of the sub.



The Poptropican is shocked by a lightning, which made the balloon explode.

In an unrelated news, WE REACHED 100 Hits! Thanks! 100hits   I could not believe that we reached this far! I hope we can get to thousands and millions soon. 😀

For Survival, many things are released. First, the first episode, namely “Crash Landing” has been released in the iPad/ mobile app. Said in the post, not only Survival has been released. The update also comes with 24 Carrot Island and Time Tangled. Also, Black Widow took the honor of announcing that the Ghillie Suit, the member prize, has now been released.

Here is what Black Widow said.

What’s a Ghillie Suit? It’s a camouflage outfit that is partly made with sticks, leaves, and other local plantlife, so as to allow its wearer to blend in perfectly with the foliage. Often used for military purposes, we just think it looks cool.

Cool. Very Cool. I want that! 🙂 Also, Survival Island will not just be 3 episodes but 5! The 3rd episode has now been named! It is called: Distress Signal

A broken radio. A chance for rescue. Send a distress call if you can, but beware of who might be listening!

Ooh. Really cool! 😀 Here! Look! episode3 Yes! The Poptropica app is coming soon to Google Play! And that is all that we have for now, rushing posts for this week. As always, I’m leaving this song to you and feel free to listen!

Bye guys! Slippery Out.


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