Roundtrip Tours and Release Dates!

UPDATE: Mission Atlantis has a spot on the Home page when you log in! Woot! Also, our laptop has been fixed (just right now) 😀




Hey Guys! Big news again! The island tour for Mission Atlantis has been released and also with it are the release dates of Mission Atlantis! Heading to the release dates first. Okay, Okay, on April 17, 2014, the islands will be released! They will overlap each other. Alongside with the release of Mission Atlantis Episode 1: Into the Deep, Survival Island Episode 1: Crash Landing will be also released! Yeah! Nothing to say more because I’m excited!


Well, let’s dive in and discover Mission Atlantis!

Look! A fishy!

Here is the plot of the island:

It’s a different world under the sea… but the ancient secret at the bottom of the ocean is beyond your wildest dreams.

Here is the plot of the story in Episode 1: “Into the Deep”

Into the Deep:

It was supposed to be simple: photograph rare sea creatures, then head back to the surface. But a stunning discovery leads you to a brand new mission!

Great! And here’s some sneak peeks of the wonderful sceneries under the sea that we might see!   atlantis-info-01.atlantis-info-02 atlantis-info-03     atlantis-info-04 As you can spot in the pictures, the ship that we will ride in a ship called Medusa! Ooh. :O Next on our tour under the sea, tourists receive an exclusive background and a printable poster! missionAtlantis-wallpaper


 I really like the poster! Woah! It’s just like the excavation of Poptropolis Games!

Second to the last, the Members-only Power Card! It’s a diving suit! 😀


Lastly, and as always, a live map will be released! 😀


I’m really excited with this week’s updates! First, I’m going to play Crash Landing!

That is all of the updates we have now! Because THURSDAY is gonna be a TERRIFIC Day! 😀

P.S This is our 20th post! Waaaah! Really cool! I cannot believe (having a hangover on having 100 hits) that we may come this far in just four months! ⭐

~Slippery 🙂


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