Thunderbolts & The Release!

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Hey Poptropicans! Something great happened today! Survival Island Ep 1 and Mission Atlantis Ep 1 has now been released! I completed the island twice today! Woot!

missionatlantis2 survivalislandishere


So, what are you waiting? Play now!

Before you go and play, the Mythology Island Island Tour has been updated and here’s what! It’s coming soon!



Guess what! I found something cool! Printable Posters and Wallpaper, Live Player Map and lastly, something perplexing…


What we’ve all been waiting for and the mysterious thing!

Episodes in Mythology Island? What the What?



Really? It’s going to be cool. More cooler with a sequel and I would love to see this island with sounds! I’m excited! Yeah!

P.S. We’re going to hit 150 hits! Just ten more!

We’re going to partay with Ross Lynch! Listen to “What We’re About” while browsing or the previous songs!

-Slippery 😀




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