Runner-ups & Really Cool Ideas!

Hey Hey! Something has been announced! It’s about the runner-up of the Create your Own Dream Island Contest!

Here’s her idea! Its…..

Bikes Vs. Boards Island, submitted by Tori V. of Texas!

Hey! The name of the island sounds FAMILIAR.

Here’s what in store of her island!

The pitch: Poptropicans try to stop the constant fighting between the bikers and surfers before anyone gets hurt.

It sounds really familiar! One more clue!

Why we liked it: Tori’s Island idea had a great setting — a beach in the 1960s — and lots of fun ideas for gameplay. (Who wouldn’t want to surf and ride a motorcycle?) We also liked the message about helping two rival groups to understand that their differences aren’t as important as what they have in common.

I KNEW IT! It’s an island inspired by Teen Beach Movie! (A DCOM/Disney Channel Original Movie) I watched that when it premiered in our place! Love that movie!

Here’s the interview between the Creators and Quiet Berry!

Poptropica Creators: How did you come up with the idea for your Island?

Tori: I got the idea from a movie I was watching that day.

Poptropica Creators: How did you react when you found out you’d won?

Tori: So excited…I like winning things!

Poptropica Creators: How long have you been playing Poptropica?

Tori: A couple of years 😀

Poptropica Creators: Which Island is your favorite?

Tori: Reality TV Island.

Poptropica Creators: What 3 things would you want with you on a deserted island?

Tori: A working helicopter, a pilot, and a hammock (for before the helicopter takes us back to the mainland).

But.. I heard that idea violated the rules of the contest!

 Here’s some of the tips from the Creators!

No licensed properties

Believe us, we’d love to make an Island in which Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen team up to fight Darth Vader. But it’s not up to us. Other people own those properties. For this contest, we can’t use existing characters, stories, or fictional worlds — period. So make sure that everything in your entry is an original idea!

Let me get you straight to the point, from the rules in the entry, here’s what I found!

3. All entries become the property of Family Education Network, a division of Pearson Education, Inc. (“FEN”) and will not be returned. By entering the
Contest, contestants agree to abide by these rules, and represent and warrant that the entries are their own and original creations, and do not violate
or infringe the rights, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights or rights of publicity/privacy, of any third party.

To close this issue, let’s look on the BRIGHT SIDE! At least she won! No more negative thoughts for now. BE POSITIVE and OPTIMISTIC! 😀  I do also hope to see this on Poptropica but I hope this thing gets cleared up soon. 🙂

I also do think that when the Creators see this, they will make a twist so it will not be the same as Teen Beach Movie!

We’re talking about Teen Beach Movie right? So, here’s a track from the movie!

Slippery~ 🙂


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