Mythology Island

Hey Hey guys! See Zeus up there? He wants to take over the blog but he wants a deal! (He will never win.) He challenges us to go to Poptropica and play Mythology Island!


Yes. After 4 months from the announcement of Mythology Island having sounds, Members can now play Mythology Island! Yaaaaaaay!

Here’s the bad news.

You see, the Creators released a week of Early Access for members just to play with the newly-updated island.

Here are the good news.

Non-members can play Mythology Island, next week!

As you may have heard, the three mini-games of the island:

  • The Red-eyed snake
  • Crossing the River Styx and;
  • The Zeus battle

Thanks BT! 

are all made easier in the new Mythology Island! Yaaay!

Here’s the live player map!


I can’t wait playing this island and there will be NO episodes in MI to clarify that. 🙂

There will be no music this week so, just play Poptropica! :))))))

-Slippery 🙂


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