iPhones, iPads and iPlayMissionAtlantis!

We have some BIG NEWS today! Yes — BACK TO BACK UPDATES! — First of all, Mission Atlantis news! Two mystical Mission Atlantis news!

First news from Mission Atlantis, the 

The second episode of Mission Atlantis has now been named!  It’s *drumroll*





Fortress of the Deep!



Next is .. brand new iPhone hand item!

Now that we have the iPad hand item, look who’s got an iPhone…in Poptropica!

If you look at your inventory, you’ll find this!




Here is what it looks like when your avatar wears it.


CaptureHere’s what it looks like with the iPad:


Here’s the good ‘ol news your waiting for, it does not do the Disney Infinity thing anymore! 😀

What I’ve posted yesterday is that ISLAND REVIEWS MIGHT COME BACK THIS JUNE maybe mid-June because our school ends mid-June. 

The Poptropica Comics Page is now up so click the link and read it now! It has a brand new strip!

 Also, I will be continuing the Poptropica Comic Page even though in Funbrain (I visit there sometimes) they released it early. 😀 Look at it here!

Here’s a peek on what will happen on Week 4!

Poptropica Comic Page 22



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