Survival Island Episode TWO and Swing that Fishing pole!

newheaaaader (2)Hey guys! We have just confirmed something! Survival Episode 2 is coming soon! I know that when a non-member island is coming, there should be a member privilege out there. Since there are no island yet announced, then I do think that Survival Island is coming soon! Maybe this Thursday Survival Island Episode 2: Hook,Line and Sinker will be released, since Mission Atlantis will be also released this Thursday.  You guys want a proof? Here:


A friend from the PHB, HP (HPuterpop) said that the setting will be turned from winter to spring, he unveiled some future items from the island and lastly, he showed some of the dialogs on the future island! I read that some named Van Buren is the one behind the mystery in the forests of Yukon. :O He also said that we may have a mini-game fishing!

Look at what’s in store for us in Ep. 2!

Hook, Line and Sinker
With no help in sight, your hunger threatens to overtake you. Can you catch your next meal under the ice — or will you become fish food?

This is way so exciting! I can wait to fish and not to be fish food. 😛

That’s what we have today, so got to go!

9 more hits till we hit 300 hits! Here’s a peek!

300HITS! - Copy



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