300 Hits and Take an Adventure!

300HITS!Yeaaaahh! 300 hits guys! 300 HITS! 🙂

Let’s start!


Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep is now available to everyone!

Yes! Now, you can take a plunge underwater and you might discover something along the way….. So head now to Poptropica! And now I have to play it so I can get the medallion! Yeaaaah!

Next is,


Survival Island: Hook, Line and Sinker is now available to members!

Here, fishy, fishy, fishy… Catch your own fish to discover how to survive! Lastly, unfold the forest’s mystery! :))))

Here’s me in the depths of the ocean!

camocamoflauge fishyfishy

somethingfishhyLastly, an UPDATE! All the SUI are on just one portion of the map! Take a look!


What do you think of Hook, Line and Sinker? Leave your comments down below!

It’s also our 35th post! Yaaay! 🙂




'Sup! What's on?

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