Computers and Celebrating 400 Hits!


We have hit……

400 hits! 

Yay! Party! Cool! Fun! Epic! Great! Oh Yeah! 🙂 I can’t believe it. 400 hits! You’re the best guys! Thank YOU SO MUCH!

peanuts x818gif xmas


Great news guys!

A new runner-up has been announce and this girl has a very clever idea!

Let me present it to you…

Space Bar Island! submitted by Naomi P. of North Carolina!

To clarify, it is not a bar that is in space but the space bar in your keyboard! 🙂 Clever name, right?

What’s within her computer-y idea?

The pitch: On Space Bar Island, you’re trapped in the newest computer, the “Lap Life,” and you meet who’s really running the internet.

She is very clever naming the thingamabobs in her island! I’m very impressed! 😎

Why did the Creators liked it? Hmm. Let’s read on.

Why we liked it: Cyberpunk is another underserved genre on Poptropica. The idea of seeing the internet from the inside-out is a great one, and Naomi took it to the next level with a terrific villain: a pixelated woman called “Mother Board,” who controls the entire internet!

Her naming system is very impressive. I think her island is one of the tops.

Here is the interview between Naomi and the Poptropica Team.

Poptropica Creators: How did you come up with the idea for your Island?

Naomi: I came up with the idea while using one of my personal devices and thought of the two most popular technology companies in the world, Apple and Microsoft. Since the these two companies are “rivals” I thought what would happen if they came together. Would they have great success or have no success at all? That’s how Orange Door incorporated came together.

Poptropica Creators: How did you react when you found out you’d won?

Naomi: I reacted by just jumping a bit after I was told on the phone.

Poptropica Creators: How long have you been playing Poptropica?

Naomi: I have been playing on Poptropica for three years.

Poptropica Creators: Which Island is your favorite?

Naomi: My favorite Island is Night Watch Island.

Poptropica Creators: What 3 things would you want with you on a deserted island?

Naomi: Three things I would want on a deserted island would be: a two-story house made of bamboo, a lifetime supply of turkey sandwiches, and a cellphone that had connection to anywhere.


I think she’s very impressive. Here’s my top 7 for all the runner up islands!

I’ll be ranking backwards.

7.  Golden Mustache Island

6. Fashion Crisis Island

5. Pharaoh’s Fantasies Island

4. Prehistoric Island

3. House of Cards Island

2. Shakespeare Island

1. Space Bar Island

What do you think? What’s your ranking? Leave in the comments below!

We have a new song! Woot!


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