Dragons and Down to the Blog Posts!



HAPPY 40th Post to us! 😀

Special Edition post guys! We have a guest! They’re DRAGONS!

gif cute film mygif how to train your dragon dragons Night Fury Please allow me to introduce my queue its a queue of wealth and taste how to train your dragon gif god i loved this movie
Try to smile, guys. Just like Toothless. 🙂

Well, first thing’s first. THE BLOG UPDATES!

First update, Puffer-fish Costume!

Long story short, the costume is now available and maybe it is to say that Mission Atlantis Ep. 2 is coming soon! Maybe, June 19? Maybe June 12?

Well, with this costume, you can now fit in with the sea creatures in the ocean! 🙂

Last and next blog update, a Poptropica just made it into the spotlight! A Poptropican, named Zippy Berry, made it through the semifinals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

There’s a thingy that the Creators said,

“We’re so proud of you!”

Do you guys think she has a connection to the Creators? Is she a daughter of a Poptropica Creator? Maybe. 🙂

Here is what we’ve all been waiting for! Here’s the DRAGONS in the new How to Train your Dragon 2 Ad!

Currently, there are two advertisements, a video one and a common room one. 🙂

Here’s the first advertisement!



After watching the video, you’ll receive this! A Hiccup Shield Power Card! When you hit “Space”, you’ll see how your player deflects the fire! It’s really great!



Next is, the common room advertisement, which was released a few days ago.






On the left is the Prizes and the right is the Games.


There are two power cards everyone can collect.

DragonRideCard  HiccupFightcard

Here’s how the power cards look like. (click the images to make them bigger)

And there are new costumes from the ad! Here they are:


Here’s some of the games on the right side:

new gamesHTTYD



Last but not the least, there’s something fun!

When you find this sheep in a catapult with a target on it, press the catapult and PULL!


After that, the sheep will fly and there will be a bunch of dragons in your screen.



That was a very fun ad with great prizes! I love it! That is what we have for now. I hope you had fun!



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