Advertisements and Animacation!

Another post guys! While I was playing my other account (the one I won) I found a new advertisement from Disney XD! It’s something called Animacation!




Before you go inside, you’ll be seeing a cutscene where you enter a portal with you spinning with many Disney XD characters. πŸ™‚



Once you enter the advertisement, a pop-up box will appear and it will say that you should win all games to get the ULTIMATE PRIZE!

ultimateprizeThere are three games: Mabel’s Water Race, Animacation Fun House and the 7D Mines. πŸ˜€

  • Mabel’s Water Race

When you enter the game, the instructions will be flashed onto your screen.

watergameIt’s just a simple game like the Circus Soaker in Wimpy Boardwalk. You can choose a character to play. You can choose from Pac-man, Ducky Mo Mo, Waddles and Randy.



In this game, you should point the gushing water to the bullseye of the board so that you can advance and win the race.







If you win the game, you’ll receive this! An Animacation Power!

animacationpowerMoving on, the next game is the Fun House.




Here are the instructions. You just have to pass through this fun house obstacle course in order to get the prize.



This is a really fun game. It was really fun. Here are the obstacles in the Fun House (in order).

After sliding down and finishing the course, you’ll receive this! A Steve the Llama Follower!


The last game is the 7D Mines. This is a cool game!

7DwarvesYou have to find the 7 Dwarfs. Here they are!

7DwarfsWhen you find all of the Dwarfs, you’ll receive a dwarf costume!


When you’ve finished all of the Games, you’ll receive the Ultimate Prize! A Steve the Llama Bling Necklace!


Remember, this advertisement is also a common room so, you should take a while to play, meet and compete with new friends! So, I hope you had fun with this advertisement walkthrough! You can find this on different islands, I found the advertisement on Shark Tooth and Early Poptropica. So, if you have some time to stop by, leave a comment down below Β on what you think with the advertisement! πŸ˜€



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