Rhinos and Release Tonight!

Hey Hey Guys! I got new news! 😀 Guess what? The Creators finally announced that Mission Atlantis Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep will be released tonight! Yeah!

missionatlantis2and also, Survival Episode 3: Distress Signal will finally be released for non-members! Speaking of Survival Island, a Rhino Costume has been released to the Poptropica Store and thanks to HP and a PHB reader, Enricc1 , they said that we can costumize the brand new costume and here’s me wearing it! 🙂



And thank you so much for reading this blog post! I may post the update later so, let’s be patient! 😀

UPDATE: Well, the Poptropica Convention is not Poptropicon! It is named as P-Con! Look! I found this!

p-con p-con - Copy

Leave a comment below! 😀


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