Distress Signal, Dive into the Fortress of the Deep and Decode the Mystery in Cabin Fever!

newheaaaader (2)

Hey Hey Guys! The moment we’ve been all waiting for is now here! And, yes. We have hit 700!

Yeah! We can all have a party! Now that you all celebrate the happiness with the release of  these islands, as you may see in the post’s title, many news arises.

More Episode 4: Cabin Fever teasers!

Yes! You get it right! We have more teasers for Ep. 4! Take a look! 😀

As you may see in this desktop wallpaper, in the middle of the room is said to be the main antagonist in the island, the so-called Van Buren. :O You can spot many animals/ taxidermy around him. You can spot a lion, a moose, two bears, a monkey, a tiger, a seal and etc. Van Buren sure is very creepy and we may meet him soon as Episode 4 is released! Next is the printable poster of Van Buren’s mansion and it’s still snowing and both the villain and the snow ‘chills’ me. 😀 Plus, we can see his silhouette down there!



Now that we are finished with all the Survival news, going back to Mission Atlantis, the third episode has now been named! Yes! The next episode will be named “Out of the Blue

Here is what were going to expect in this episode!


Out of the Blue
You’re on the verge of the greatest discovery in human history — but an ancient intelligence has other plans.

Ooh! 😀 Very mysterious. I wonder what will happen next.

That is all the updates we have today and I hope you had fun!

Leave a comment below with your opinion and feedback.



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