Delayed Poptropica App & Down To A New Plan?!

newheaaaader (2)


UPDATE: Week 9 Comics on the Official Poptropica Comics Page has now been updated! Click here!

Hey guys! Brand new news again! Well, I had some free time from the past few days so, I have decided to draw my Poptropican. The first one I drew is Myron Van Buren. Then, I drew Slippery!

MVB      SR


I tweeted this on my Twitter account and when the Poptropica Creators decided to retweet the drawings, I had the opportunity to ask the Creators! When I asked when will be the release of the Poptropica app on Google Play, here’s what they said!



See? I do really think that it’ll be worth the wait. Yes! It’ll be just in time for their 7th birthday! 😀

Next thing to know is that…

Should I do walkthroughs?

Well, you guys will put the answer to that by voting in the poll below!  I will also be putting it on the side so you all can vote on it!

So, what do you think with these blazing news? Leave a comment down below with your opinion! 😀

-Slippery 😀


3 thoughts on “Delayed Poptropica App & Down To A New Plan?!

  1. I love those drawings, Slippery Raptor! 🙂
    Do you have a personal Gmail or Gmail for the blog? — I need to email you about something really important! 😀

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