Planes Advertisement & Poptropica News!


Hey Guys! Brand new news! ๐Ÿ˜€ (I feel that I’m saying that too much now.) Well, we have a brand new advertisement! It’s Disney: Planes: Fire and Rescue, a sequel to the Planes (a spin-off of Cars)! At the front of the advertisement building, you will see Dipper and Dusty!



Once you enter the advertisement building, a pop-up will open and it will ask you which game you would like to play. There are two games: Forest Stream Dippers and Cliffside Wildfire. Well, I choose Forest Stream Dippers.



The first game took me a few retries to finish the game but I managed to get it through. ๐Ÿ™‚ This game is very simple yet very hard. You will extinguish the fire by getting the water from the river. If you finish the game within the limit, you will receive two free items! A Dusty Follower and a Fire Stopper Power! The Dusty Follower will simply follow you wherever you go and the Fire Stopper Power will only show red-like dust falling from the sky.



The next game is the Cliffside Wildfire. This game is like the first game but you have to return to the base to refill your flame retardant. Once you have cleared the wildfire, you will receive two new prizes! ย  ย  A Dusty Hat and a Hero Badge! The Dusty Hat is just a hat with Dusty on it with working propellers! The Hero Badge is a wearable badge which activates a special action when you press the space bar!


Well, there is another advertisement with no advertisement building! It’s Land of Stories by Chris Colfer! When you land on Poptropica, the two freebies will just spin out on your screen. Well, guys get a Conner Bailey Costume and girls get an Alex Bailey Costume! Each costume has something in it, Conner has a sword and Alex has a sword. Also, there is another card! A Fairy Kingdom Card, a bubble will just appear above your player with fairies spinning around it!

Well, I forgot this update! Well, a few weeks ago, I asked the Poptropica Creators about the islands and here’s what they said!

Yes! I can’t wait if the P-Con Island will be one of them!

Also, the Poptropica Comics Page has now been updated with Week 10! And so, that concludes all of the Poptropica News we have today! Let’s enjoy the day and have fun! ๐Ÿ˜€





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