Ideas and Island Episodes Soon!

newheaaaader (2)Okay guys! We have just received this news! The Poptropica Creators posted a Lego Idea of a Poptropican, it might have seemed that he wants to continue making Poptropica to Lego! He is theFastComet as the Creators say and he has thought of an epic idea! His idea is to create a Poptropica Lego of Legendary Swords! Here it is!

The Creators encourages us to support is awesome project. They saw the passion of this player to continue the dreams of the Creators which was the Dr. Hare Lego Project. To support this player, click here and create your own Lego ID!

In another zone of Poptropica, another news came out of nowhere! The Episode 4: Cabin Fever medallion has now been fully uploaded!


Well, just in time, the Poptropica Creators have just announced that Survival — Episode 4: Cabin Fever and Mission Atlantis— Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep is going to be released next week, July 17! Yes! I can’t wait to know what happens! 😀 Let’s play Poptropica for a while and let’s patiently wait till next Thursday.



'Sup! What's on?

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