Eight Poptropica News & Even More!

newheaaaader (2)   Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity lately. I  had so many things to do but I’m still updated on Poptropica. Well, there are eight Poptropica News you need to see. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

8. Poptropica Creator’s Blog Updates

Well, this might be a little late. The Poptropica Creator’s Blog has brand new additions! If you look on the sidebar, you may spot a brand new Link section with more links, a Search bar and a Popular Posts section!


7. Poptropica Comics Week 11

Hey guys! A few days ago, Poptropica uploaded the eleventh week of Poptropica Comics! The story continues on the adventure of Oliver and Jorge (and the Minotaur, of course). Starting this week, the Comics on the page will be in gallery form, you can click the photo to enlarge it if you’d like. Check the rest of the story at the Comics page! Here is a strip from this week: Poptropica-Pop-Wk-11-Strip-6

6. Germany wins the 2014 World Cup!

GOAL! Well, the match between the countries, Argentina and Germany was so intense! Can you believe that the score just ended at 0-1? Over the past week, as you may know, Poptropica released brand new soccer costumes for members. Well, on the day before the Final Match begins, Poptropica announced that they would release the costume of the winner to all. 😀 Well, it turned out that Germany triumphed and went out victorious in the 2014 World Cup so, here’s the costume and note that it’ll just be available for a week on the Poptropica Store. Germany!

 The remaining 5 Poptropica news is sure to knock you off your seats! So, hold on tight!


5. A Brand New Poptropica Game?

Okay. I have just found something weird. Take a look at the links on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog. Look at the video games button. It looks unfamiliar. It doesn’t look like the Poptropica Adventures. When you click on the button, you will go to the page but the game is nowhere to be found. So, questions start to rise. Is it a sequel to the first game or is it an unreleased game that was never to be released? I do not know. :/ links - Copy

4. Jumanji and The Most Dangerous Game: A Connection Between Them

Have you heard the mystery of Van Buren that Brave Tomato posted a couple of weeks ago? The short story of Richard Conell, The Most Dangerous Game is said to be an inspiration of the fourth episode and the next episode(s). Well, a few days ago, HP posted an uncanny resemblance of Van Buren and Van Pelt (the Father of Alan Parrish on Jumanji). Well, after reading that post, I found a connection between the two literary works! They both have something similar: It’s human hunting. Do you remember the part where Van Pelt is chasing Alan and the gang? Well, that’s human hunting all right. In The Most Dangerous Game, General Zaroff gives a three-hour head start, he hunts and kills them. If the captives elude him, Ivan, and a pack of hunting dogs for three days, General Zaroff lets them go. No wonder that is human hunting. Oh yeah,

  • What is human hunting? 

Human hunting is an urban legend, where certain people hunt and kill humans for the purpose of pleasure, entertainment, or sustenance. Some science fiction writers depicted fictional future or alternate history tyrannical regimes where the hunting of humans for sport is institutionalized Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_hunting

So that makes sense. Some of the novels that has human hunting in it are The Hunger Games, Wrong Turn, Zodiac and etc. Well, that makes the twist great. Will human hunting be a large part of Survival? Since the name of the island is Survival, it’s not just surviving nature but also the challenges that we face, right? survivalbannerc

3. Arabian Nights Island Appears on Daily Pop

Okay, this means two things. One, Poptropica is finished with Poptropi-Con Island and Two, Poptropica is starting to develop the Arabian Nights Island! Here’s a proof! HowBazaar   Yay! Her island is now on full progress and I hope this island will meet more than our expectations! So let’s move on! 😀

2. Poptropi-Con Island is sure to COME SOON!

Yesterday, the Creators posted a picture of Pepe’s Pizza Puffs which is seen to make its appearance in Poptropi-Con Island.

There is also a speculation that the Member Costume for Poptropi-Con Island is what we see above, a Pizza Puff Costume. (note: This is just a speculation, this is not yet confirmed.) Thanks to HP, he posted several scenes from the island! And it has been CONfirmed! (Get it?!)

Source: http://poptropicahelp.net/ Okay. Stop with the really non-sense jokes. Here comes our first and foremost news!

1. Island Release Later!

So. Survival—Episode 4: Cabin Fever and Mission Atlantis—Episode 2: Fortress of the Deep will be released somewhat later! I can’t contain the excitement! Well, the key is simple, Patience. So, later, let’s play the newly-released episodes! 😀 bigreleasethursday So, I hope these 8 news will be enough to fill in all of my short comings. I needed a few brainstorms to arrange these news and I hope it made your day! Thank you so much guys and we’re very close in reaching 1000 hits but first, 900 hits. 😀



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