Cabin Fever and City Under The Sea!



Yes guys! This what you see is true! Episode 4 and Episode 2 has now been released! Well, there are no demo for non-members until now but they can play the second episode of Mission Atlantis.

bigreleasethursday - Copy

This episode is so cool! 😀 Extremely awesome from the first episode. Well, the hydromedusa is back and we’re going inside the ancient city! Well, the puzzles are also cool so let’s play! There are three puzzles to beat on this episode. Beware of the sharks, more of the hydomedusa and some pufferfish along the way. There are many glyphs and this ancient city doesn’t look like ancient because of their advancement in technology. 😀


I’ve seen a walkthrough video and this episode will be epic! In this episode, you’ll meet Van Buren and as said in the first scene, “something’s not right“. Well, he is a taxidermist with his home filled with many of those. :O The curiosity of your player goes on, you’ll encounter something with M.M in it. Who or what is M.M? Is he the pilot of the Mews plane—Max McGullicutty? Well, play and the plot thickens…

Well, the PHB has the walkthroughs and you can check them out here! Click the links below.

Survival Island:Episodes 1-4

Mission Atlantis: Episode 1-2

Also, I do think that after the 5th episode of Survival is released then Poptropi-Con Island will be released! 😀 So now, let us play the island, receive the photo, medallion and continue the story!



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