Walkthroughs or Wasted Idea?

Hey guys! I asked you last month, June 29, if you’d like to have walkthroughs here on the blog. I have decided that I will conduct a final poll to see the decision of the Poptropica community. This poll’s result is final and is the ultimate decision of you viewers. I’ll be waiting for it until the end of the month.

The results of the poll (old one) from June 29-July 19 are gathered.

There were 9 voters in total.

78% of the voters said YES.

22% of the voters said NO.

All of the voters know what is a walkthrough.

Now, let me ask you this question.

Island Walkthroughs Header

Now that the poll is here, the choice is yours and it shall be for the betterment of this blog.

I hope the result (which will be hidden) is final and will not be considered. So, let’s cross our fingers and I hope it’ll awesome and if you’ll ask me, I do want to have walkthroughs here and if you don’t want, it’s just fine. I will go in whatever the Poptropican community wants. 🙂



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