Max McGullicutty! and Must Sink Again?


UPDATE: Comics of Week 13 is here! πŸ˜€

Hey guys! Sam, from the PHB, posted a news alert about Poptropolis Games. He said that Poptropolis Games is shaking again and last January 2013, the island sank and an earthquake happened that shocked the whole Poptropica Community. Could it be? Poptropolis Games is going back to the sea? Are we going to dig it up again with brand new games? :O

Next news, I was just snooping around Daily Pop’s Sneak Peeks and I saw this!


It had a caption:


You are not alone.

I have evidences to prove that this is Max.

1. He has a pilot hat. He’s the pilot of the airplane that crashed in Episode 3.Β 

2. He has an “M” symbol on his belt. It could mean “Max” or “McGullicutty”.

3. The caption says MM HMM, note the “MM” and those are Max’s initials.

Could it be? Is he the pilot that we will meet in Episode 5? I hope he’s friendly and will help us to leave Yukon and end the hunt. πŸ˜€ Leave a comment below if you do think these things have a possibility to become a reality on Poptropica.


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