Announcements and Aliens?!

UPDATE: One more day to vote in this poll! For more details, read this post.

Also, I’m now a part of Poptropica 411. I’ll never leave this blog because this is where I started. Visit the site now!

Hey guys! Great news! The Creators announced that the third episode of Mission Atlantis will be released next Thursday (not tomorrow), August 7, 2014! The Poptropica Creators gave us a hint on what we’re going to expect on the episode. Also, we all know that Episode 4 (Cabin Fever) will be released on the same date (August 7)

Here’s what they said.

In Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue, you’ll be exploring the interior of a city that’s been sunk at the bottom of the ocean for centuries — but there’s even more than meets the eye.

That’s not all you’ll have to look forward to next week on Poptropica, but we can’t give it all away now! You’ll just have to keep checking back.


Is that secret about the aliens Sam and HP uncovered a few days ago? Is Mission Atlantis a sequel to Lunar Colony? I guess we’re off to find that.

Also, did the Creators leave off a hint about Poptropolis Games? Look at the post’s title. It’s “Earthshaking Announcements”. Maybe soon Poptropolis will sink back? We don’t know.




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