Earthshaking and Exclusive!

newheaaaader (2)Heeey guys! Guess what?! Something new is coming to Poptropica! Well, the earthshaking announcement is not about Poptropolis Games but it’s about Poptropica: Lands!Β This brand new feature is said to be better than the first prototype. Unfortunately, this feature is only for Poptropica members. Don’t be dismayed by the news, it’s coming next week! Here’s what the Creators said.

Some of you may have played the prototype of Poptropica Land a few months ago. Based on your feedback, we’ve rebuilt Poptropica Land from the ground up. You can now destroy and rebuild at will, creating whatever your imagination can dream!

This is still an alpha, and we’re hoping to learn even more from the fantastic things you’ll do with this version. We’ll let you know the moment the newest version of Poptropica Land is available — keep an eye out!

And they have left a sneak peek on what’s coming on Poptropica Lands. πŸ™‚

Maybe there will be a Poptropica: Water? Poptropica: Air? Hehehe. As you can see, the hammer was there! I hope the prototype will be out for us non-members. πŸ˜€ There’s a link at the end! If you’re brave enough to visit the site, here’s what you’ll be expecting.

Poptropica Land

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