Prizes and Princess Dagger!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Week 14 is here! I know it’ll make you laugh at it! 😀

UPDATE: It has been confirmed. Mission Atlantis Episode 3 (Out of the Blue) will be the LAST EPISODE for the island. Wait for the big revelation on August 7! Therefore, this is the shortest episodic island. 🙂


Hey guys! There’s a brand new advertisement on Poptropica. It isn’t a movie nor a book but it’s Galactic Hot Dogs! While I was on 24 Carrot Island, I saw the advertisement. It said Princess Dagger Prize Pack! It looks like this.

GHDYou’ll receive four prizes when you click the advertisement. There are two new prizes, the Princess Follower and the “Jack”. The other ones (Cosmoe costume and the Ice Blaster Pistol) are old prizes. 🙂

You’ll look like this if you transform with the “Jack” card.


If you costumize Cosmoe/Princess Dagger, you’ll look like this.



If you use the Princess follower, it should be like this.


Lastly, if you press space bar, you will start to shoot and the pistol can freeze any player it hits!

GHDFreebie8 GHDFreebie9

So, don’t forget to stop by and pick these prizes! 😀




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