Selfies and Some New Updates!

Hey guys! Brand new updates! There’s always something new each day on Poptropica! 🙂 Now, let’s move to the updates!

I was viewing my Instagram account on my phone when I saw this:

Wait! She’s attending the Poptropicon! Isn’t that cool? How did she get there? Lucky her. 🙂 Well, we just have to wait very soon.

Speaking of very soon, there’s bad news. The Poptropica App on Android will be delayed. It will not be released in September and could take a long time. Here’s their official tweet:

Speaking of Creators, the Poptropica Creator’s Blog have some brand new updates. It is now wider than the old one and it had an advertisement space on the sidebar.



Well, there’s just one more update we’ll be waiting for! It’s the release tomorrow! Members will get the final episode (Episode 3) and we will get the penultimate episode of Survival (Episode 4). 😀



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