Extra-terrestrials, Escapes and Even More!


UPDATE: Poptropica Land has now been released! Watch the trailer!

Great news guys! The finale episode of Mission Atlantis and the second to the last episode of Survival is now released on Poptropica! Isn’t that great? There’s so much things to be done now on Poptropica. On Survival Island, you will meet Van Buren, a hunter who will let us in on his cabin in the freezing woods of Yukon but something isn’t right, you must find a way to escape the trap of Van Buren. Also on Mission Atlantis, you will encounter a great discovery about the ancient city! Members are so lucky to finish it first before we do but I am sure that what you will expect on the ocean floors will be very awesome. 🙂

Click here to play Poptropica! :mrgreen:

I will soon write an episode 4 guide and speaking of guides, click the picture below to check on our walkthrough page! I have an Early Poptropica guide there and make sure to check that out.


Speaking of pages, we now have a contact page! Leave your mails, questions and everything you want to say there!

I can’t wait to show you a sneak peek!


The fifth episode of Survival is called Entrapment. It will feature a chase and you will meet Max McGullicutty. 🙂

The first Poptropicon episode is called: Line Forms Here. It will feature many costumes, wizards, vikings and getting in the convention. You will costumize many costumes on Poptropicon and here’s a proof!


Arabian Nights Island has been added to the Poptropica files and the first episode is called How Bazaar. You will encounter scorpions, climb cliffs, get lamps and explore deep caves. :O

I think the next few island episodes on Poptropica will be awesome! I’m very excited! 😀

Play the new islands! It’s awesome!
Speaking of islands again, Cabin Fever is next in line to be reviewed this August!





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