Blog Updates and Bazaars!


newheaaaader (2)Hey guys! Slippery here. I’m back with new and awesome news! Yeah!

Okay. Let’s get started. On last week’s post, I uncovered the episode name of Arabian Nights, Poptropicon and Survival Episode 5. Okay. I have more news!

Okay. On the first episode of Arabian Nights, How Bazaar,we will be able to explore a cave, a cliff and a palace (maybe a bazaar). Take a look at the sneak peeks I found out on Poptropica’s files. They are still in development.

This is the cave:


This is the cliff, there are quicksands! Beware!cliff


Nice Hawk from Poptrickia uncovered that there is another place that we will all go! A Palace! It is being guarded by two guards.

In other news, I have updated the blog! Yeah! 🙂 We have brand new pages!

Also, click the pictures (It’ll divert you to the corresponding pages)






Try checking them out! There’s something for everyone!

-Slippery 🙂




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