Buckets with Ice, Boxtrolls in Poptropica! + Brand new Map additions!

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UPDATE: New Island Reviews with Cabin Fever! šŸ˜€ Click the image below to go and read it right now!

island reviews header

Hey guys! Slippery again! I’ve got really fun news!

First news, PoptropiCon and Poptropica Land has been added to the Poptropica Map! Also, the SUIs are given a more spacious spot on the map.






Moving on, there’s a new advertisement on Poptropica! It’s the Boxtrolls! There is a video advertisement (you are required to watch the trailer to get the prize) and you can get an Eggs Costume! Is his name Eggs? :\


Also, as the Creators, Oliver and Jorge take the ice bucket challenge, the Creators added a new card to each player so they can take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Check it out!

ALSadSo, let’s not wait anymore and I WILL TAKE THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! Yeah! Here it goes!


I decided to splash water at the Waist Not Fitness Center so I can dive right on to the pool. XD. And it was freezing cold. Brr! So that’s all that I have right now and feel free to try the challenge. To know more about the challenge, check my last post!



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