Thieves and Time Travelers!

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 Update: PoptropiCon has a common room! It’s called the Facili-tee. Mind-blowing, right? Check it out! It looks awesome! Maybe it’s the ‘common room’ the Creators are talking about. 


Hey guys. What a long week in school. Well, I’m really happy that I can finally update the blog! So, there are so many things happening to Poptropica this past week. Ready?

First of all, Poptropica has added a new advertisement on Poptropica! It’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman! Did you remember the past advertisement? Well, there’s no quest now but it has prizes for everyone to get! A fabulous and elegant Cake Costume and a Personality Quiz! (Note: the quiz will just direct you to an external page)


Next, the Creators have just released the trailer for Arabian Nights! Looks like the forty thieves are scouring the town to steal the magic lamp. What could happen in this episodic adventure? Check it out below!

Speaking of Arabian Nights, the first episode—How Bazaar will be released to members this Thursday, October 2. Get your flying carpets and camels! Prepare for a sandy adventures in the desert! The island sure looks awesome! I can’t wait!

More news? Keep reading below!

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A Whole New Poptropica Island and A Lot More!

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Hi guys! Slippery here! Well, there’s A LOT of things on Poptropica today. So, let’s start!

First of all, the first episode of PoptropiCon—Line Forms Here is now available to everyone! At last, it will be released today! Everyone (non-members, specifically) was shocked about the news that the final episode of Survival is released last week and non-members got access to nothing? Many non-members complained about it and asked Poptropica about it but finally, the long wait is over! We will now be first in the line!



Next, Poptropica released a brand new video! It’s about drawing Poptropicans! Check it out! The camera is a little bit shaky but it’s all good. Now, I know how to draw a Poptropican head perfectly! It was made by the Poptropica artist, Jon Pitcher!

Also, Poptropica has been featuring Poptropica Land creations of many Poptropicans. Check them out below!

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Two Thousand Hits and Thank You!



Two thousand hits? I can’t believe it! Two thousand already? Oh yeah! I’d just like to thank everyone who helped me and this blog to reach this special milestone! From the first post to this? 79 posts. Now, do you want to know the surprise? Here it goes. Here’s the surprise! Scroll down below.


Yep. There we go. I think it’s a first time on a Poptropica Blog, perhaps? No, it’s not an ask Slippery about Poptropica. You can ask me anything you want as long as it doesn’t go over the personal stage. So, I will pick 20 questions or more and I will try to answer as many as I can! There you go! Ask me down over the comment box!

Speaking of celebrations, What month is it? (Does that sound like Adventure Time?) Well, it’s already September and what does September do about Poptropica?

It’s Poptropica’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Poptropica! Continue the fun and the awesomeness through the years. I’m really happy that I get to be a part of it! Some Poptropicans are greeting Poptropica. This includes Magic Fire, Me, Nameless and Nice Hawk (who retweeted it)

So what are you waiting for? Greet Poptropica now! Thank them for the awesome things they’ve done to us. They work hard to make a unique island. Every detail, each character and story! Why not this September, let’s thank them for 7 years of Poptropica fun! From Jeff Kinney, Nate Greenwall, Jordan Leary and all of Poptropica’s staff! You’re awesome and we salute you, guys! So, let’s start the party to the roof! I can’t wait to see your questions! Good luck to you or me? Haha.

-Slippery :mrgreen:

So, I decided to put some music along this post. I bet Scary Plug would be so happy. 😛 Don’t stop!

Galactic Hotdogs and Great Escapes!


Hey guys! Slippery here. It has been a busy week. Really! Even here on the web world, I have many things to do! Anyways, let’s get on with it. When you enter Poptropica, just like what happened on the release of PoptropiCon, the homepage is decorated! You’ll see MVB with a pack of his hounds.




Look at that creepy smile. It still creeps me out. In other words, the fifth episode of Survival Island is now released to members! The sad news is that non-members are going to wait a bit longer. Sorry, guys. Speaking of the final episode, Captain Crawfish released the video walkthrough for the final episode. Warning: there are spoilers so if you want to finish the story yourself, don’t watch it!

In other news, the Galactic Hot Dogs is getting their own book and guess what? Poptropica is going to unveil its book cover!

Galactic Hot Dog book coverThe book will be released on May 2015. I can’t wait for the release. Cosmoe’s big break! Well, I have no more news this week. Also, I co-own another blog. It’s a Weebly Blog, though. It’s a Behind the Scenes website but we’ll be posting updates too. Check it out by clicking the link above. Make sure your name will be on the player map! What’s your rank?
What do you think of the final episode of Survival? Leave a comment below.
P.S. Only 34 hits left till 2,000 hits! 

-Slippery  XD

Escape MVB & Enter the PoptropiCon this Thursday!



Update: PoptropiCon is NOT released to all. The fifth episode is available to Members. 

Hey guys! Update! What’ll happen later? Well, let’s get started!

The Creators confirmed that the final and fifth episode of Survival is going to be release this Thursday (today), September 11, 2014! Of course, it’s only for members. Soon, members can finally end to MVB’s diabolic plan, finally find freedom from the horrible things that happened to us and finally get out of the woods of Yukon. Finally, it’s thursday!


Now, let’s take a brief overview on the final episode of Survival.

The hunt is on! In the darkness before dawn, can you turn the tables on your pursuer and escape the woods once and for all?


So, okay. What I know about the fifth episode based on the fourth episode is that the hunt is on. MVB is after us. Based on a previous post, Max McGullicutty is said to make his first and last appearance on Survival Island.

Based on another post, we will hide in a tunnel. Here’s a recap.

So far, this is what I know in this episode:

  1. We will meet  Max McGullicutty.
  2. The episode will feature a chase.
  3. There will be a bear.
  4. The beavers from the second episode will come back.
  5. We will escape through a tunnel? I think so. Look at this.



This is from the Daily Pop. Look at it very closely. I believe it will make its appearance on Episode 5. Here’s why. One, it is in a tunnel because the previous sneak peek shows a tunnel. Two, I think it features the places we’ve been in the past episodes. The house looks like the cabin from the fourth episode and the satellite tower-like is from the third episode. Third and lastly, isn’t that chair looks like it came from an airplane? That’s all I got.

The release of the island is a bit surprising for me. I thought that the last episode will be after or before Arabian Nights. I can’t believe that it’s finally here! So, we’re off to a chase and then, MVB can’t catch us so they’ll have to camp and wait until we come back. Here’s a proof of MVB’s dialogs.

Van Buren: (boys) Excellent! Run fast, my good lad! A hunt is only as good as the chase it gives!

Van Buren: (girls) Excellent! Run fast, my good lass! A hunt is only as good as the chase it gives!

Van Buren:Winston, my dear man. If you would be so kind as to release the hounds, I do believe we can get started.

Van Buren: TALLY-HO!

Van Buren sure is scary. I still can’t believe that Survival will end today. In conclusion, we are going to take part in the hunt, find help from Max and we will put an end to MVB’s plans.

The fifth episode sure is awesome!

-Slippery XD