UPDATE: Thanks to Poptrickia (Nice Hawk), he allowed to borrow some images from Arabian Nights Island! Awesome! Check ’em out below! By the way, the Bazaar image is mine and the others are from Poptrickia! Thanks!

Hi guys! Slippery here. School has finally started! Yeah. I’ve got no homework to do so I will just update everyone on Poptropica! 😀

Starting off, there are three new Poptropica Land creations featured by the Poptropica Creators! Let’s look at the awesome creations!

The first one is an epic self-sculpture by the owner of The Poptropica Package and my co-author at The Poptropica 411, Magic Fire! Great work, MF! The second one is from Young Fish, who created an awesome panoramic port city! The third and last one is an amazingly huge castle by Prickly Clown! Awesome work everyone! Keep it up!


Next stop, Poptropica has been alerting us, Poptropicans with news over at Twitter. Here’s some of them!

The first news is from Poptrickia (Nice Hawk). So that’s why Poptropica updates every Wednesday!

The second one is the Creators themselves. A few days ago, they said that the Poptropica App has reached one million downloads!

That’s all of the news I have for now so thanks for reading this post! Also, thanks for 1,700 Hits! I have something for you when we hit 2,000!




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