Hi guys! Slippery here. Long week from school. 😀 Here’s some awesome news to keep you updated!

First off, Poptropica has just released their first ever soundtrack! It’s called Poptropica Music: Volume 1. (Does that mean there will be more of them?) It features the main themes of some SUIs. It includes the main themes of Mocktropica, Monster Carnival, Survival (Episode 1: Crash Landing), Mission Atlantis (Episodes 1 & 2), 24 Carrot Island and so much more.


Wait a second. Have you noticed that? Both Back Lot Island and Shrink Ray Island are featured on this soundtrack. Does this also mean that Back Lot Island and Shrink Ray Island will be the next islands to become an SUI? We all know that Back Lot Island and Shrink Ray Island are still in their normal version and maybe they’re now in queue.

Also, each track costs 99 cents on iTunes and in Amazon. The full album costs $9.99 on iTunes and $8.99 on Amazon. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!


Arabian Nights is now confirmed under development and as of now, many Poptropica blogs has been updating everybody with many behind the scenes exclusive of Arabian Nights Island! So here’s more!

Spoilers down below! Look away if you don’t want!

So, on my last post, I showed you some of the rooms of the island (updated) with the help of Poptrickia. Here’s a recap.

So, now, let me tell you some more details about the island! Here are some of the things I know about the island.

  • It’ll be episodic
  • It’ll have a room called “Desert” (still under development)sultan
  • We will collect a camel harness, cloth, crown jewel, grain, ivory camel, lamp, pearl, salt and a telescope.
  • The sultan has been robbed and here’s the picture of the sultan on your right.

Also, here’s a peek of your dialog in the cave:

Player:This can’t be the 40 thieves’ hideout. There’s nothing else here. 

Here’s some of the traders’ dialogues at the bazaar.

Trader 1: I can tell you have a good eye! This is, indeed, a magical lamp

Trader 2: My spyglass will let you see things you could never have imagined.

Trader 3: Isn’t this the most beautiful camel you’ve ever seen? Shame about the biting…

And here’s a part of the conversation between the player and the sultan.

Player: How can I find the lamp?

Sultan:I don’t know. But perhaps you can start your quest with this. It is my last jewel. Trade it wisely

It looks like the first episode will be really ‘bazaar’! So, let’s check the plot again.

On Arabian Nights Island, Poptropicans go on a quest across the desert to rescue a sultan’s genie from the Forty Thieves.

Okay. The lamp was stolen. Check.  Is the lamp on the bazaar, the stolen lamp? That couldn’t be possible. The episode would end right away. But what I think is in the first episode is that… we will start to scour the sandy desert to find the forty thieves who stole the magic lamp. We don’t know if there will be a plot twist soon! Let me watch Aladdin and the King of Thieves again. Also, I think that this island is pretty amazing! I can’t wait! And indeed, the magic lamp and the genie would be really bizarre!

-Slippery XD


3 thoughts on “Music on Poptropica and Much More Arabian Nights!

  1. Do you think you’ll share a link to the Dialogue? :p Worth asking. Also, the Lamp sounds like something I saw in one of the “Random Ideas” from the Idea Maker on Mocktropica. It popped up about a hundred times :O

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