Thieves and Time Travelers!

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 Update: PoptropiCon has a common room! It’s called the Facili-tee. Mind-blowing, right? Check it out! It looks awesome! Maybe it’s the ‘common room’ the Creators are talking about. 


Hey guys. What a long week in school. Well, I’m really happy that I can finally update the blog! So, there are so many things happening to Poptropica this past week. Ready?

First of all, Poptropica has added a new advertisement on Poptropica! It’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman! Did you remember the past advertisement? Well, there’s no quest now but it has prizes for everyone to get! A fabulous and elegant Cake Costume and a Personality Quiz! (Note: the quiz will just direct you to an external page)


Next, the Creators have just released the trailer for Arabian Nights! Looks like the forty thieves are scouring the town to steal the magic lamp. What could happen in this episodic adventure? Check it out below!

Speaking of Arabian Nights, the first episode—How Bazaar will be released to members this Thursday, October 2. Get your flying carpets and camels! Prepare for a sandy adventures in the desert! The island sure looks awesome! I can’t wait!

More news? Keep reading below!

More Poptropica Land creations

More Poptropicans are getting featured on Poptropica’s Twitter account! It seems that the Creators’ apple of the eye is Big Raptor’s creation! It looks awesome if you can view it. 🙂 Personally, all of them are equally awesome!

The hunt is still on!

It is indeed. The hunt for the 7th Birthday Balloon is still there and have you found it yet? Here’s what the costume looks like.

Lastly, Poptropica released Mission Atlantis Episode 3: Out of the Blue in the Poptropica App! Sadly, it costs 99 cents. Wait! Before you question why the island costs some money, here’s their tweet answering that question.

One thing I want to tell you guys, we don’t want Poptropica to go! We want Poptropica to keep running. That’s all of the news I have! I hope it fills up the things I missed this week. What do you think? Comment down below!

-Slippery XD


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