Shrink Ray Re-release & So Much More!


Hey guys! Slippery here. Do you want to get surprised? If so, read on this post!

Poptropica: Behind the Scenes

Poptropica is still showing behind the scenes moments of various Poptropica islands and others! From Shrink Ray, Wimpy Boardwalk, to the voice testing of the skull in a jar advertisement, and Mission Atlantis, the Creators made Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday to Wayback Everyday! Look at what the Creators posted this week.

The update list for October 16 and 23 (So Arabian Nights will be released to all next next week, eh?), the concept art for Mission Atlantis and the upcoming costumes for the re-release of Shrink Ray Island! You heard it right! Re-release of Shrink Ray Island! What do you think?

Halloween costumes for free in the Poptropica Store

Well, the first week of October has passed but the Halloween season is still going on! As a treat (where’s the trick?), Poptropica released old costumes in the Store for free! They are the Scarecrow and the Egyptian Mummy costume. They can also be found in the Halloween Party in the Haunted House quest. Wait, there’s more! Poptropica added the old Halloween costumes at the front of the Store and these costumes are all for free!


Poptropica Land: Public preview next week!


Yes! You are not dreaming. Poptropica gave the non-members a chance to play the alpha version of Poptropica Land. It will start next week, October 16. Non-members can try it out for two weeks, until October 30. That not all of it! The Creators will put a little challenge to everyone. The Creators will give us a theme and let’s see who will stand out on this challenge! The best creations will be shared right at the Poptropica Creator’s Blog.

Forgotten Islands for 3DS available in 4 days!

The second Poptropica game ever on Nintendo DS is just 4 days away! After the success of Poptropica Adventures, here’s comes Poptropica: Forgotten Islands! Here’s the awesome thing: Poptropica will go 3D! So, the April Fools joke last year was really true, however.

 This was the April Fools joke.

Star Wars Rebels advertisement

Star Wars Rebels finally had an advertisement on Poptropica! There’s nothing much to do except playing the video. You’ll get an awesome Stormtrooper Bobblehead Helmet!


Shrink Ray re-release coming soon!

It is indeed! The 20th island of Poptropica will finally be updated! Poptropica is planning to re-release Shrink Ray with music, better performance and a larger screen! The costumes are most likely to be members-only since that kind of thing happened on the Mythology Island re-release. Here’s their tweet about the update:

Are you excited as I am? What do you think of the updates this week? Is it fun? I think so! Comment down below.

-Slippery XD





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