Public Previews and Popping Pop News!


Am I late?  I hope I’m not. So, Poptropica finally opened Poptropica Land to non-members! I didn’t post right away because I’m really busy trying out a brand new experience! Thanks Poptropica, you guys are the best! Hmm. Dream House, check. Village. Woah. That is an awesome challenge, Creators!

poplandnowopenI would like to share my own Land creation here. What do you think? It has an enormous waterfall at the front of the dream house! A room just for playing Poptropica! 🙂

P.S: Can you find me? I’m hiding somewhere in my dream house. The one who finds me is wins a lifetime supply of oxygen! Yes, it’s oxygen!


Also, look what Poptropica received last Thursday!

Speaking of Twitter, more behind-the-scenes at Twitter! Look at some of them! They’re hilarious!

And here’s a video of bug hunting,  fixing and testing!

Last but not the least, Poptropica has been tweeting about Poptropica happenings at Tumblr. Some of the Tumblr bloggers are really funny and some of them are older than us! How fascinating! Take a look at one of the posts there.


I did not see that! That was totally hilarious.

Wow, the Poptropica community is still growing until now and speaking of community, I have made a new bud on Poptropica! He’s Captain Spencer! He’s a great blogger (he blogs for The Poptropica Package now), also creates Poptropica video walkthroughs and specially, a great friend. We’ve been chatting on Google Hangout for days. 😀 Here are some of Captain Spencer’s videos and his live Poptropican!

As my post ends, here’s a fun upbeat song by Taylor Swift! Just shake those worries off! 😀

-Slippery XD




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