Poptropica App-date, Perfect Behind the Scenes and Planning for Balloon Boy’s Return?

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Hi guys! Slippery here. How’s the latest islands? Are they awesome? I’ve got awesome news for you! Ready? Here we go!

Poptropica App-Dates for Halloween!

The Poptropica App received a brand new update and it’s for Halloween! This time, 9 free Halloween costumes (Thanks Imagi Cat!) are available in the app and the final episode of Survival: Escape is available too! Wait, there’s more! The Poptropica app also received a brand new icon and the blimp is decorated for Halloween! Check it out!

Behind the Scenes: Sports on the Moon

Poptropica unveiled a brand new behind-the-scene moment! It’s related to Lunar Colony and sports! How come he’d dribble, dunk and shoot a basketball on the moon? Anyways, here’s the picture!


Arabian Nights Written Walkthrough

I finally finished the Arabian Nights Walkthrough! Everyone can check it out now and I hope it can give you help while you play the first episode of Arabian Nights! Open Sesame!


Balloon Boy’s Grand Comeback?

For years, one of Poptropica’s mysteries was Balloon Boy. Originally from Counterfeit Island, this innocent kid was given a green balloon and suddenly, he flew up in the sky with the balloon. Poptropica released a brand new video showing Balloon Boy flying over the skies of Poptropica and this is the question— Will he come back and make is big return to Poptropica? We’ll never know…for now. Anyways, watch this video!

What do you think of the recent updates? Leave a comment down below!

-Slippery XD




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