Happy Poptropica Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! Slippery here. Of course, there are new Poptropica updates and let’s start!

After a week of hiatus, Poptropica comics will take a break again and the Creators said that the comics will come back in 2015! Along with that, they also released a new app! It’s the Poptropica Comics app and it’s available for iOS users. 😀

Next off. the Creators posted a touching message (since it’s Thanksgiving) for us before they head out to vacation. The most touching line is this:
But it wouldn’t mean anything if not for the Poptropicans who play the game, who write fan blogs, who share their feedback with us, and who spread…

Awesome Creators! Poptropica wouldn’t be Poptropica if it wasn’t for you guys. 😀 Next, there is a clarification on the release date of Arabian Nights Episode 2: “Lair of Thieves”. It will be released on December 11 for members and will have the public access on December 30.  That is a very long time, but worth the wait! 🙂

The holidays are just a few sleeps away! Poptropica released their annual wishlist and it includes the Forgotten Islands DS game! What are you asking for this Christmas?

Next, as a part of the Shrink Ray re-release, the Creators made the Shrink Ray gun available to all for free! Previously, it costs 250 credits. Now, you can shrink everyone on Poptropica! Awesomeness!


When you log-in on Poptropica, you will receive two new prizes! It from the Night of the Museum 3 and you’ll get a Pompeii Escape and a Knight Flight game! (Note:  Both game leads to an external link.) That Pompeii Escape makes me want to sing.

But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?
And if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
You’ve been here before?

Next, the Creators posted some Behind the Scenes moment over at Twitter! One is the debate over which kind of eyes will be used for the upcoming GHD island and, the next one is the seventh Popstorm featuring fat felines and the last one is the Google Hangout of the Creators.

Also, the twitter account of Poptropica has hit 1,000 followers! Congratulations! Also, follow me and check out the sidebar for the latest tweets!

So, that’s all of the updates we have today! Happy Thanksgiving again! I just want to thank everyone who goes to this blog. Every view that I receive here is a big thing for me. This thanksgiving, I thank you guys for everything! You’re all awesome!

Gobble gobble. Eat your yummy turkeys and enjoy this awesome holiday!




Lair of Thieves and “Look, A New Page!”

Hey guys! Slippery here. Big news and quick post! First of all, the second episode of Arabian Nights is finally announced! It’s called “Lair of Thieves” and not “The Forty Thieves”. :/ Check out the plot below!

Lair of Thieves

In the den of the forty thieves, danger lurks around every corner. To outwit the most dangerous thieves in the desert, you’ll need a little help evening the odds — and you’ll find it in the form of an incredible magic power!

Ooh. The second episode looks amazing! It looks like we’re going to meet the genie and I believe that the genie is a female, as seen in a previous BTS moment. bts2 Next off, there is a new page in this blog! I decided to take down the Into the Deep and Cabin Fever reviews to turn it into a full island review! I’ll make the Mission Atlantis review soon but the Survival review is now up! Check it out!

islandreviewsheadersurvivalP.S. You may also find some musical references in the review. 😀

Last but not the least, Jeff Heim added a new Poptropica music on his SoundCloud account! You can play it below! 😀

That’s all of the updates we have today and leave a comment down below! 😀

-Slippery XD

Shrink Rays and Super Awesome News!

Hey guys! Slippery here. It may be late but I’m here to tell you about the newly-updated Shrink Ray Island page and more epic Poptropica news!

The Shrink Ray Island is upgraded and it is now a SUI! It may be late but the island page is also upgraded. Although it bears the same in-game pictures, same plot and the same video trailer— never fear! There are new additions and here’s the new Shrink Ray Island wallpaper and poster!

Second, the Poptropica App is now out to Google Play! Android users, download it now! I just recently downloaded the game and here are some of the shots I took while I was playing! I’ll be having a review soon.

Next, the next Poptropica island after the “underground island” is finally confirmed! Well, we know that it is still in development. 🙂 So, the next island is Galactic Hotdogs Island! I’ve actually never read GHD but based on the advertisements on Poptropica, Cosmoe’s adventures looks pretty fun!

Embedded image permalink

Speaking of advertisements, there is a new advertisement on Poptropica and it’s from Hot Wheels: Street Hawk! It has no building or else, just watch the video and you will claim the prize—a Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control! If you press “spacebar”, the car will turn into a plane that will fly around your screen and later it will fly upwards and your player left amazed saying, “Wow, it went 200 feet!

Next stop, there are new Twitter updates and you might want to check them out because they’re really awesome! With confidential Neon Wiener files, PopStorms 4-6,  kindergarten cryptids, flashback stories and balloon animals!


That’s all the updates you need to know know and what are you waiting for? Play Poptropica to access the new and updated Shrink Ray!

-Slippery XD

Card Battles and Conventions!


Yeaaah! It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me! I’m 14! 🙂 (This was last Thursday.)

Enough with the birthday shenanigans and let’s head on to this post!

Episode 2: Spoiler Alert—Now available!

Get your decks ready and your Elf Archer costume because the convention is now opened to all! I must say, the second episode is way better than the first episode. Also, I love the card game with the Mighty Action Force and the epic ending!

Haven’t played the second episode yet? Click this to play Poptropica!

RIP R.A. Montgomery, 1936-2014

I’m very sad for the departure of R.A. Montgomery, the creator of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. He passed away at the age of 78.  His book was the inspiration for Nabooti Island, which is one of Poptropica’s islands and the Creators noted that his books proved that reading is an adventure! Indeed it is. 😦 If you want to know more about Choose Your Own Adventure or R.A. Montgomery, check out this site.


The Next Poptropica Island—Sneak Peek!

Embedded image permalink

So, as you can see above, Poptropica has just released a BIG BEHIND-THE-SCENES moment! This room is called Palace Interior scene. The island is yet to be announced so we had our wild guesses. I guessed Twisted Thicket Two but the Creators said it isn’t. Someone guessed “Underground Adventure” and the Creators said “Very good!” and that means, the island will be an underground adventure. :O

Poptropica Land’s Best of the Best: Zany Crown!

So, last Monday, Zany Crown’s terrific tree house was claimed as the best of them all! As a treat, the Creators had a quick tour of her Dream Home! Capt. Crawfish also mentioned the re-release of Poptropica Land to the public which will happen in January 2015.

So, that’s all of the updates needed to be posted and I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy birthday to me again!

-Slippery XD



Beginnings and Big Announcements!

Hey guys! Slippery here! Catching up with the updates.

So, last week, Poptropica posted a quick history of the game. Here’s the big question: How did Poptropica became Poptropica? Here’s the answer!

When Jeff Kinney and the Poptropica team first discussed of the game way back 2006, the envisioned an enormous map of single-scene rooms and daily missions. As we know, Poptropica’s color is blue, right? Well, Poptropica’s color when it started was originally yellow! Also, Poptropica originally planned of daily quests instead of the quests we see today.

As you can see in the picture above, Poptropica made the inventory a MP3 player instead of the bag we see today. Also, the map is really tiny! You can see some rooms just like Springs-o-Ladders, Common Room, The  Pit, Terror Tower, and Game Show. The grid of little blocks look like they’re the rooms. 😀

Woah. Is this the inventory? As stated above, it is true that we have daily missions! The inventory has a hoverboard, port key, gear mag, and a propeller.  Lastly, they said that some of these things made into the game itself and A LOT  has changed in the process. The name of Poptropica was originally Poptropolis? Sadly, it became Poptropica since a competitor came up with a similar name. What do you think?

Behind-the-Scenes of Poptropica!

Here are the latest BTS moments of Poptropica on Twitter! Check it out!

Remember, the second episode of PoptropiCon—Spoiler Alert will be available to all this Thursday! Very awesome! 😀

-Slippery XD