Beginnings and Big Announcements!

Hey guys! Slippery here! Catching up with the updates.

So, last week, Poptropica posted a quick history of the game. Here’s the big question: How did Poptropica became Poptropica? Here’s the answer!

When Jeff Kinney and the Poptropica team first discussed of the game way back 2006, the envisioned an enormous map of single-scene rooms and daily missions. As we know, Poptropica’s color is blue, right? Well, Poptropica’s color when it started was originally yellow! Also, Poptropica originally planned of daily quests instead of the quests we see today.

As you can see in the picture above, Poptropica made the inventory a MP3 player instead of the bag we see today. Also, the map is really tiny! You can see some rooms just like Springs-o-Ladders, Common Room, The  Pit, Terror Tower, and Game Show. The grid of little blocks look like they’re the rooms. 😀

Woah. Is this the inventory? As stated above, it is true that we have daily missions! The inventory has a hoverboard, port key, gear mag, and a propeller.  Lastly, they said that some of these things made into the game itself and A LOT  has changed in the process. The name of Poptropica was originally Poptropolis? Sadly, it became Poptropica since a competitor came up with a similar name. What do you think?

Behind-the-Scenes of Poptropica!

Here are the latest BTS moments of Poptropica on Twitter! Check it out!

Remember, the second episode of PoptropiCon—Spoiler Alert will be available to all this Thursday! Very awesome! 😀

-Slippery XD


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