Monsters and More Awesome News!

Hello guys! Slippery here. As usual, there are new updates on Poptropica and let’s start!

First of all, the newly-updated Shrink Ray Island will finally be open to all this Thursday, 4 December 2014! As of now, members can still enjoy the early access before the time runs out!


Next stop on Poptropica, new ads have appeared on Poptropica! Specifically, there are four new ads: Night at the Museum, Galactic Hot Dogs, Goldfish, and Captain Toad! (Note: the Capt. Toad ad is just a video of the new game, Capt. Toad: Treasure Tracker and there are no prizes with it.)

The first ad is Galactic Hot Dogs! On every Main Street that is not an SUI, you may have the chance to check out the new GHD ad! There is only one prize, though but it’s really awesome! Just like the past advertisements of GHD, simply click the stand to claim a new costume: a Mega Dog Costume! Along with it, is a handheld item called Jupiter Jolt, which is a sauce-holder and when you press the space bar, the item will squirt out ketchup!

The next advertisement is Goldfish. You may find this ad on any SUI like Shrink Ray, Survival, and PoptropiCon. Goldfish needs your help to get rid of the monster lurking in their yard. Enter the advertisement and Goldfish will once talk to you. He will tell you to find three items: a dog food bowl, a dog collar and a dog biscuit. Since it’s night time, you have a handheld flashlight with you. Just click the battery on your screen to reload and recharge your flashlight.

Lying around garden are the items you need to get to obtain the first prize. Here are the locations of the dog-related items you need to find:

After you get all the dog-related items, you will receive the first prize: a Beach Ball costume! To get the next item, you need to find the monster. He’s very easy to find! He’s a red, lizard-like creature with a big smile (you can’t miss it!) so just simply click him to get the second and last prize: a Monster Follower!

Also, to give you an update on this blog, we now have a new holiday-themed header and some snow falling as you scroll down and read the posts! Awesome right? Now, visiting this blog feels like you’re walking in a winter wonderland.


Last but never the least, Strange Cat, Weirdo is our Poptropican of the Month! Congratulations! You are now featured on the sidebar. If there are any reactions, please leave a comment below. Also, the nomination for next month is now open! Leave a comment and email me your username if you’d like to be featured. 😀

That’s all of the updates you need to know before Shrink Ray Island opens out to all. What do you think of the updates? Are they awesome? Leave a comment below. Got to go now!




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