4000 Hits— Poptropica Rewind: Poptropica’s 2014 Islands!


Hey guys! 2014 is coming to an end and of course, ending a year won’t be complete without recaps and assessments on how the year went. As a part of our 4,000 hits special, we will have our own recap— Poptropica style! This recap will be divided into two parts: the islands and the other stuff (Poptropica Land, Mobile apps, Permanent Updates). Shall we start the recap? Here we go!

The first part of our recap is all about Poptropica’s islands! Starting off, there were islands released this year. The number of islands are just fine since 2010 and 2013 (counting Poptropolis 2014) also had 5 islands. This year, Poptropica celebrated its 40th island and the rise of a new island system— instead of a full island, it was shorten and divided into episodes/chapters. Also, several classic islands were transformed into sound-updated islands just like Mythology and Shrink Ray. Now, let’s start with the islands released in 2014!

Monster Carnival (Island)

Poptropica’s most awaited island finally showed up last February 2014. SInce this was known as a myth in Poptropica for several years, this island became the talk of the town for years specially when Monster Carnival was seen in Mocktropica and labeled as “rejected”. Monster Carnival Island was one of the easiest islands this year and the visuals, the music, the story and the characters were all awesome! Just wished it was harder and Ringmaster Raven was more despicable. Anyways, A great start for the year!

Monster Carnival Island Game Play #1

Survival (Island)

The second Poptropica island was a surprise for the whole Poptropica community because Survival will be the first island to come in episodes. It is indeed a big milestone for Poptropica and the best thing in episodic islands is that it leaves the players wondering what would happen next. Survival Island introduced a brand new Poptropica villain, Myron Van Buren and ended the story really awesome. The island had awesome visuals, great story and excellent music to accompany the story. Last but not the least, the island was really unexpected with MVB and the man hunt because we know it’s Survival— man vs nature! Great job, Creators! What I don’t like is that the blimp was destroyed. How sad. 😦
Survival Game Play #1

Mission Atlantis (Island)

We’re halfway there! So, what about this island? Basically, this was also a shock to everyone but as players become curious of Atlantis, we conclude that this was connected to Lunar Colony. This island had its story a great foundation for the whole island. Although we had no villain to fight in this island, we discovered the ancient city of Atlantis and a bit of a lecture on aquatic animals. At first, I thought this island would be a flop but when I played the last episode, I was wrong. A correction though, this wasn’t an underwater adventure but it’s “out of this world”! Even though this island just had three episodes, the adventure was once-in-a-lifetime.

Mission Atlantis Game Play #3

PoptropiCon (Island)

This brought a new island theme to Poptropica: fantasy/conventions. The first episode was really crazy. Just for a ticket, we need to disguise ourselves and then, we need to find a new way to enter the convention. The second episode was really awesome (from 1-10, it would be 9), I just realized that spoiling something leads to a big mess. What we know, in the last episode, Omegon will attack the convention and it’s up to us and maybe with the Mighty Action Force to save the day! The battle will start sometime in 2015! Hero up! Great island, once more! What’s really awesome is that the SDCC was on-going when the island was announced!

Poptropicon Game Play #1

Arabian Nights (Island)

The winner of the Create Your Dream Island has finally appeared on Poptropica! This island is based on Arabian Nights, a famous Arabian literary work of the ancient times. Since the announcement of the winner, players were very excited to see this island and when the first episode was released, the episode was awesome, it reflected the culture and life of Arabs back in the old times. I really loved the part where the thief can’t get the camel so he fed the camel a banana! The second episode was better, the characters, the puzzles, the music and the story was just amazing. It just makes me wonder, where did they go? Were they really killed? I’m very excited to meet the genie in 2015!

Arabian Nights Game Play #3

So, that ends our recap with a bit of review (a bit.) of the islands Poptropica released in 2014! On a scale of 1-10, they would be 9. I hope the islands would be better when it’s 2015! Last but not the least, I congratulate the Creators for having an awesome year with awesome islands! Watch out for the second part of this recap and review of Poptropica’s awesomeness!

Before I end this post, these are all my thoughts and my opinions. I hope you gave time to read this post and if a Creator would comment, it would be a pleasure! Comment down below so we can hear your opinion! 😀

Happy Holidays!



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