Poptropica Updates and Popping One Year for Slippery Raptor’s Blog!

Hey guys! Slippery here. I’m really really sorry if I haven’t posted these past few weeks. Well, I have reasons why I didn’t post back—well, I recently got sick, I got busy with school works and we had our exams last week. So, I hope that can patch things up. 🙂

First of all, I would like to celebrate a special milestone on this blog. Last 18 January 2015, this blog celebrated its first year on WordPress! I would like thank all of the people who helped me reach this goal! There’s a lot of things that happened to me this year— from the start of this blog, then I was invited to join several blogs, and we reached whooping 4,000 hits! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to throw a party since the timing was a little off but I’ll be having something new!


Now, let’s head on to the updates!

Last January 8, the second episode of Arabian Nights is finally released to all! Don’t forget to bring your thieves’ garb, magic lamp, gunpowder and a lot of courage inside the thieves’ lair!


Along with the release of “Lair of Thieves”, the Pop-App was updated and the second episode of PoptropiCon— Spoiler Alert, was available!

A few days later, Poptropica has upgraded their home page! Every time you log-in on Poptropica, you will see something new!


Here are the the major changes on the Poptropica homepage:

  • The homepage now has an image header featuring the new Poptropica logo with some clouds and the blimp with it.
  • It also features some of the links that lead to the Parent page, Membership page, App page and even the blog.
  • There is a new yellow play button that you can click before logging in to Poptropica.
  • Before you click the yellow “Play Now!” button, the homepage has a carousel featuring the latest news.
  • There is a larger link to the Creator’s Blog and it is a bit longer than the old one.
  • The homepage also features different islands listed in three categories: Newest, Classic and Popular! (It’s very awesome to see that the most popular islands in Poptropica are the Classic ones.)

Along with the new homepage, Poptropica added several Pop Quizzes on the homepage. 🙂


After a few days, Poptropica added three new GHD freebies and another freebie! The F.R.E.D. Follower, GHD Printable Poster, Galactic Space Suit and Make Your Own Neon Wiener!

The Creators also confirmed that Galactic Hot Dogs Island will be released this Thursday, 29 January 2015 to members and 19 February for non-members. (Thanks to the PHB for the image!)


Since we’re talking about GHD, Poptropica released the trailer for the upcoming island! Noodly Poptropica Arms. Haha.

Last but never the least, Poptropica Realms is now out to all! Poptropica Realms is basically Poptropica Land but you can have realms of your own to create, explore and even share.


Poptropica Realms consists of seven different biomes (forest, ice, desert, swamp, lunar, fire and crystal) and each of the biomes has its own unique soundtrack and no more looping bird chirps! The Realms also have some odd names like ShauroassoBoaseetour Zaukeack and Theelzai Huwumoo. Poptropica Realms also removed the “save” option and the way to level up here is to build and build. You collect 10 Poptaniums when you find one and spend 1 Poptanium every time you build something.

That’s all of the major updates these past few weeks! I hope that can fill up everything I forgot to post. Thank you for making a great year with me here on Slippery Raptor’s Blog and…

Happy First Year Anniversary to Slippery Raptor’s Blog!



5 thoughts on “Poptropica Updates and Popping One Year for Slippery Raptor’s Blog!

  1. Haha, my blogging anniversary (2 years) was yesterday. We’ll have to get together and plan something through our busy schedules!

    I am a peanut.

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