Reign of Omegon and Realms Updates!

Hey guys! Slippery here.

We have some exciting updates from Poptropica today! Do you want to know?

First of all, the ultimate finale of PoptropiCon—Reign of Omegon, was released to members for Early Access today. Omegon has taken over the convention and it’s up to us to stop his evil plot! Will the Mighty Action Force be able to help us along the way? Join the resistance against Omegon and summon the power of Alphaon!


Wow, that sounded too epic. Can I survive the episode without turning into a hench-bot? Play Poptropica now!

Before I head on to the next big Poptropica update, I’d like to inform you that Stolen Snapshots have received three new snapshots and I think they’re lost. If you have those detective-skills, try giving yourself a Poptropica challenge! Check out the page by clicking here.

Congratulations to Nice Hawk for guessing Week 1 correctly! You’re now in the Hall of Fame.


Last week, Poptropica has updated Poptropica Realms! The update includes:

  • Interactive items such as cannons, doors, food and more props!

yum realms

  • New upgrades to your hammer everytime you level up!realmsgroundpound

Level 5- Ground Pound– striking the hammer and destroying the land.
Level 10- Hammerang– throwing the hammer and returning back like a boomerang.
Level 15- Super Jump + Master Builder– a double jump and a costume of the viking helper!

  • There’s also weather and the sky changes as time goes by!

realmsrains realmsnightskyRains in forest realms, snow in ice realms, sandstorms in desert realms, acid rains in swamp biomes and meteors in lunar biomes!

The sky sometimes get dark in time for nighttime and shines when the morning comes!

  • Last but never, the least, there’s the pixies. realmspixies

Poptropica Realms has a new feature and a new enemy—the pixies. The pixies appear at dawn and through the night flying around looking for Poptaniums. If you stumble upon these pixies, they’ll get ten Poptaniums from you. Better stay away!

That’s all of the updates up to date now! What do you think of the updates?



Slippery Raptor’s Blog Special: Stolen Snapshots

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Hey Poptropicans! Slippery here.

I’ve got something new for everyone! Back in January, I told you that there will be something new. Well, here it is!


Everyone knows how this game works. Each week, you will be given two pairs of images, if you guess the location correctly, you’ll be featured in our “Hall of Fame” page! If the image is too hard to guess, I’ll add a hint.

Don’t forget to check out the page!

First challenge: Where did I take the picture of the header above? (Specific answers are better!) Comment down below.


Poptropica Updates: Mystery of the Map and More Updates!

(Hiya! This was actually written last Saturday, Feb 28 and I had no time to complete it these past few days. Sorry for the delay!)

Hey guys! Sorry for being too late. It’s already March! Shall we start? A week ago, Poptropica started a new graphic novel series that will temporarily replace Poptropica comics (which is currently on hiatus for 90 days) and it’s called as “Mystery of the Map” which unravels the origin of our favorite game—Poptropica.


It is also written by the author of Galactic Hot Dogs, Max Brallier and the artist from Poptropica comics, Kory Meritt! The series is starred by the characters from Poptropica Comics (Jorge and Oliver) and includes the debut of Oliver’s older sister, Mya and the villain, Octavian. The series also has its own page! View it right here. There is a new page daily so make sure to check it out. Below are the first five pages of the series! (If you’d like to continue reading, check out the site.)

On a more recent news, there was a dress that kept everyone debating over its colors. Is it really gold and white or blue and black? For me, check out my Poptropican for my answer.

Even in Poptropica, this dress got there too.

UPDATE: The item card is now removed from the inventories. 😦 Upon entering the game, you will receive an item card called “Dressgate“. It features two colors, gold & white and blue & black. What color will you dress up as?


Moving along, two weeks ago, Poptropica released the biome hats in honor of the biomes in Poptropica Realms. They are divided into two—two hats (Crystal and Fire) for members and five hats (Forest, Swamp, Desert, Swamp and Lunar) for all.  Make sure to check out Beastking77’s review on the biome hats. It’s pretty awesome.


The information for the final episode of PoptropiCon is finally out! It’ll be called “Reign of Omegon” (rhymes with Ultron). Looks like we’re up for a big battle! Check it out:

Omegon has taken over PoptropiCon, and he won’t stop until he’s transformed everyone into a hench-bot. Only you can acquire the powers of the Mighty Action Force to battle Omegon and free the convention goers. Join the resistance today!

Join the resistance? That’s like Star Wars! Along with the plot of the episode, there are a bunch of island extras for this episode! There’s a henchbot paper craft, a screensaver (Poptropica first!) and a desktop wallpaper.

Poor Elf Archer. This episode sure is going to be exciting!

Sketches from the final episode of Arabian Nights are found from the Daily Pop and Poptropica’s official Twitter account. This has caught the eyes of many players and left us wondering the question, “Why is the princess so sad?“. PHB Author, Brave Tomato, quickly investigated this image and check out her interesting theory over at the PHB!


Last but not the least, Galactic Hot Dogs Island is finally out to all! Time to blast off to the galaxy and discover the vastness of space. Join the adventure with Cosmoe, Princess Dagger and Humphree!


Before I go, any thoughts on our new header? Thank you guys! Sorry for the delay.