Hey guys, Slippery here. I have big news!

An idea came up to me yesterday and I thought it’d be great to share it to you guys.

There will be big changes to this blog from now on— this blog will now be a review and discussion blog!

Here’s a guide with your inquiries:

What’s it going to be about?

This blog will now be filled with reviews, discussions and many conspiracies that revolve about Poptropica and its community!

Will your guides, posts and pages stay?

Of course, they’ll stay here as long as this blog is up and running!

Where are you going to have the updates?

I’ll be on the PHB blogging all of the updates you need to know! Have you read my latest post?

That’s all of the things you need to know on our revamp for this blog. I apologize for the shortcomings and all of the things I neglected to do. A post should be up by Tuesday so better get ready— it’ll be a discussion post!

I also forgot to mention our new theme: Editor! It’s really awesome because it’s very minimal and simple. This is the theme we’ll be using through time!

Special thanks to HPuterpop for making a new header for us. Unfortunately, headers don’t work with this theme. I actually used it as a logo. 😛

See ya!



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