Note: Hey, this is just my opinion and I don’t intend to criticize the game. I don’t want offend anyone, okay? Feel free to share your opinion and read below! 

Poptropica has a big community—there are 4 million users per month! We would consider some of them as a part of our ‘community’… but they’re just playing Poptropica just to escape boredom not like us, whose been logging in for every update there is!

Anyways, a number of Poptropica players have been inactive lately and some have quitted due to being too inactive of schoolworks, being grounded, losing interest and many other reasons to deal with. As a result to that, many Poptropica blogs have been quite inactive perhaps due to Poptropica being inactive too.

Is the Poptropica community dying?

The community is quite of dying— feels like it’s just beginning. It could be prevented.

My co-author, Brave Tomato said that she’s quite amazed how Thinknoodles still has the time to make island walkthroughs of new islands. Why? He has commitment.

We can also say that a portion of why the community has declined is that Poptropica has also been busy and they’re onto a lot of stuff. It’s been a hard time for us too.

Some of us would suggest that Poptropica would have better ways to motivate more players not just on Twitter but on other social sites as well. Poptropica should lessen sponsored islands because on what I’ve observed on Club Penguin, many have quitted because sponsored parties. Poptropica wants to go through generations, but if the community is going downhill, how would it continue through time?

According to a Google Trends search, Poptropica has reached its peak five years ago, in May 2010 (around Skullduggery’s release) and started to go downhill by June-July 2013 (around Virus Hunter and 24 Carrot Beta’s release). Maybe it’s the SUIs…


Lastly, the community has to have dedication, patience and commitment. That is what I’ve observed at the PHB. We want Poptropica to keep on running because we’re the ones who run Poptropica. To those who are ashamed because Poptropica because it’s a “kid’s game”, don’t be carried away by peer pressure— play if you want to play.

Poptropica has an amazing community. Everyone is kind, amazing and very friendly. They’re blessed to have a community like that. It’s not similar to the other communities that criticize the game, build private servers, and find ways to change how the game goes. Keep playing Poptropica, it’s an amazing game. Be a part of the community because if not, you’ll be missing a great experience.

What do you think? Comment down below.

Next week, we’ll be having a review post! See you next Tuesday!



7 thoughts on “Poptropica Discussion: Is the Poptropica community dying?

  1. Tbh, I personally think it’s dying. After Poptropica left Pearson, everything has been going downhill since…and even with Pearson it was still bad…but I don’t think they would last until this time next year…

    1. It hasnt even been a month since they’ve left pearson…
      Most of the new, controversial stuff happened during the last year and a half, still under Pearson.

      I dunno, I still think they’ve got about 2 or three years left.

  2. I think part of the reason it’s dying is because of how many new islands are getting released. Poptropica is getting too big, too fast. I can’t imagine joining Poptropica today, knowing there’s over fifty islands to complete. It’d just be too overwhelming.

  3. I think that things are starting to get a little better- many new, active blogs, the Creators joining more social media sights and interacting with the community more, some great new islands like Pelican Rock, etc. Even the graphic novel being in print is helping Poptropica gain more money and popularity. Things still are pretty bad, but there is some hope. (That’s because this post was written in July 2015 and this comment is from March 2016)

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